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  1. Valve is supposedly designing a game console to compete with MS, Nintendo, and Sony. It would use PC hardware and run Steam. It's unclear whether it would be Valve branded or just a set of specs for third parties to use in manufacturing, or both.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'd rather see them just stick to PC gaming. But apparently they've been so successful that they're thinking of branching off.

  2. It sounds fairly different to a console to me. There is no closed hardware system or specialty resource light OS.

    On the other hand they do have some strong first party IP's, a great system in place for Direct download of games and content and a strong community. Unless they use their own OS and controllers, I wouldn't classify it as a console personally.
  3. Yeah, I have no idea how to classify it. It's not even clear if they'll be making it themselves. If it's just a set of recommended specs, that might be a good thing as PC manufacturers might use those specs as a guideline to make laptops and prebuilt desktops that don't suck for gaming. At the moment, you pretty much have to build your own desktop to get a PC for gaming that doesn't suck and isn't a ripoff. It's an obstacle for many people who want to get into PC gaming. Maybe we'll see PCs with "Steam Approved" stickers or something in the near future.
  4. A console seems like an odd choice for them. The last thing the world needs is another platform.
  5. Seriously. Three consoles and the PC already seems like too many platforms as it is.
  6. It's most likely just a Windows PC that boots to Steam's big-picture mode.
  7. uhoh! are you criticizing the great Gabe Newell now?? It hardly matters really lol Console gaming is on the virge of death. Maybe Gabe wants to simultaneously become the savior of pc AND console gaming :eek:
  8. What? I mean... just... huh? What gives you that idea?
  9. the fact that nobody wants to spend $60 on a console game and ppl like Sony can't compete with digital prices, they don't even seem to want to try! If console games don't get cheaper I don't see them surviving. Not too mention 100 bucks for a 16gb Vita memory card. It's SO easy to make a Vita-type PC knockoff that uses SD Cards C'MON!!

    The death of consoles has already started, with JRPGs. Ppl are tired of paying full price for an interactive book so the market has been relegated to mobile gaming. With the fact that Sony hardware prices are ridiculous that pretty much leaves just DS/ 3DS and PC knockoffs. The profit margins are SO thin at that point that it's just a matter of time really. I mean already all we really have now are established franchises like Final Fantasy and... well really not much else.
  10. I still don't get it. Yeah games are expensive but people are still paying the price, and in their millions too. I don't really count handhelds as consoles since to me they pretty much don't exist, they're just something other people have, plus the PS Vita is way overpriced. If you're talking about the death of handheld consoles then maybe you're onto something. I'm fairly certain that the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii have sold really well, as have many of the games for each system. You look at games like Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls, and Grand Theft Auto, add to that the fact that the new generation is just around the corner and I think it's safe to say that consoles are going to be around for a long time to come.
  11. Overpriced compared to what?

    PS Vita £200
    iPhone 4S £499
    Galaxy SII £400

    It does the same things as both of those phones except it can't make calls BUT it has proper controls for games which is an added bonus. Smart phones are more way more overpriced than the Vita. Do you think the ability to make calls warrants an extra £200-£300?
  12. No, but phones are much more useful. They actually serve a purpose. Everyone needs a phone these days, no-one needs a Vita. I guess the price of the console isn't that bad but it's the extra stuff you need like the memory cards that are the real rip-off.
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    I'm seeing a contrast to pc vs console debate here.. make sure too eat your words after you post. muahahaha
  14. Valve/Steam Game Console

    Damn I think you're right!