Vegan vs Carnivore Debate

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    you guys eat a lot of organ meat, which is very healthy, but not very palatable to most westerners
  2. i love tripe. i have a friend that always orders tripe soup when we go to this chinese restaurant in orlando. i amuse myself by explaining what tripe is to my american friends. i can definitely understand their reaction though.
  3. lol I have friends who order tripe I haven't dared. They told me you have to judge the restaurants ability with it. Because if it's not cleaned / prepared right you will eat shit. Not sure how true. Will never risk!
  4. Tripe has a high risk for disease transmission.

    There is a place in town that sells cow's head taco's. I've heard they are delicious but I wouldn't try it.
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    Our meat consumption is a relatively modern phenomenon; ovens - as we know them - have existed for approximately the last 50 years. Humans? Well, either 2000 odd years or a billion years, depending on your personal belief system (if you choose to recognise one) (Christian fundamentalist vs scientist).

    I wouldn’t recommend a vegan diet for everyone. You need to have a strong will and it helps to be physically developed (this is not endorsing a fixed mindset). If you are weaker in this regard, then making some steps to amend your diet may help.

    A good rule of thumb for the less able is to think of your teeth. Open your mouth and look in the mirror. Go on, I’ll wait...

    Good. Now, did you see a set of T. rex teeth? Nope. Did you see a set of cow teeth? Nope. What you saw was mostly molars (vegetable teeth) and some carnars (meat teeth). They represent what we have evolved to eat and what our bodies are designed to process. The number of carnars use to be higher - I’d imagine this is something to do with our Jurassic/Paleolithic past where eating dinosaurs and early mammals were more common. You have to remember that vegetables are younger than most animals and dinosaurs. For example, sharks have existed for longer than trees. Our bodies are the result of a complex and changing landscape and food is part of it.

    So I know I’ve thrown a fair bit of science at you so let me give you some closing advice that may help. To feel better and be stronger, just try to substitute something vegan into your diet everyday. Have mushrooms instead of wings with a meal out. Try eating raw carrot instead of trans fat filled fries. Read up on battery farming instead of watching Jack Ryan. Small steps but sometimes that’s what you need. And if you need a guide, there’s one that can help. He’s right here. And he wants you to succeed.
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    It's actually not, and if you look at primitive societies like the inuit and the Maasai, their diets are almost entirely animal product based. These people are also super fit warrior/hunters. But as soon as you introduce modern carb heavy plant based foods into their diets, they get fat and sick.

    We are genetically most similar to chimpanzees, specifically bonobos. Chimps are vicious pack animals who eat enormous amounts of meat. Chimp hunting parties will kill and eat pretty much anything that comes into their territory. Their favorite food by far is monkeys. They love killing and eating monkeys.

    Oh and before you retort that we are closer to the bonobo type chimps, bonobos love meat so much that they have been known to resort to cannibalism when they can't get it.

    People think chimps are these cute animals who eat bananas or some shit. A chimp will rip your face off and eat it. Then probably tear off your arms and eat those too. And maybe chow down on your intestines as you bleed out.


    Also like humans chimps murder other chimps, and chimps even go to war:

    Nothing natural bout veganism. But eating meat is natural, and our ancestors did it throughout human history. What is a recent and modern phenomenon is eating large amounts of farmed plant products that are high in starch and sugar.

    Your post is so ridiculous I actually wonder if you're being sarcastic. It's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet at times.
  7. Oh and if you need some help with your diet, I would suggest starting at a Brazilian steakhouse. That should help set you back on the right path from manginahood to manhood.
  8. Indeed, chimps are a stark reminder of just how far we are capable of progressing. Whilst some may admire their capacity to eat the faces of their young, I hold myself to a higher standard. Sure, there’s a primal part of us still but evolution has made that a distant echo.

    And, like an echo, we can choose to head towards the noise of the past or, better yet, we can ignite the chance to create new echoes, better echoes, that others may hear and follow.

    You can enter the caveperson’s home, full of the victim blood of those denied life by your ill-considered choice, where the screams shake and make all the noise around you.

    Or join me in the vegan cave. The one that echoes with progress and joy. Where the only harm might be caused by a playful chilli! I notice your cave is getting empty friend, come take a seat by the fire. You’ll find that tasty and healthy food doesn’t need to take an innocent life or endanger yours. I just hope you make room on your plate for progress.
  9. You don't win friends with salad
  10. I saw that episode of the Simpsons.
  11. It's one of the most iconic lines from that show because it's true.

    Do you think humans turned wolves into dogs by feeding them salad?
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    I made a speghatti and meatballs. But using butternut squash and vegan sausages.

    Man the imgur app sucks
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    Do you make your own sauce?

    Italian DOP San Marzano tomatoes are the key to great sauce. They are very low in acid. You can make a sauce that won't give you heartburn. Most store bought sauce is trash. And real Italians would laugh in your face if you didn't use San Marzanos.

    The other secret to great sauce is to add anchovies or anchovy paste.
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    Our local vegan food shack is one of the most social places I’ve been; if you can’t make a friend on the open mic poetry and folk Hujambo! night then there’s something wrong with you.

    Wolves and dogs are canines, not humans. They don’t have molars, only carnars. Give it a few hundred years and evolution might lend a hand.
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    Open mic poetry and folk jambo sounds like a gayer experience than reading some of the stories I've posted
  16. You can always tell when you’ve lost an argument when you start playing with the thread titles. Class alt-right playbook.
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    Playing with the thread title was just the slam dunk after I already won the argument. Also lol at calling me alt-right. I voted for Bernie Sanders, but I'm totally a neo-Nazi. Makes sense.

    Anyway, nothing you've said would convince me to switch to your unnatural, unbalanced, high sugar/starch, nutrient deficient diet. I have no desire to have easily preventable health problems. Unlike you I understand that death is a part of life and that animals need to die so that I can live. Adults with any connection to nature or their food sources understand this. My grandfather taught me to hunt and fish, and I'm glad that he did. I think knowing what it is to kill an animal, give thanks for its sacrifice, and consume it is an important part of becoming a mature human that sadly few people still experience. But as I've said before, vegans are extremely disconnected from nature and the natural order, despite claiming their diet is natural.

    I hope for your sake that you are taking supplements. Although in the case of some of them, like B12, they are notorious for not working particularly well. Maybe needing a laboratory worth of supplements just to stay alive on your diet should be a hint that it isn't natural or what humans have evolved to eat. Or needing to eat enormous volumes of food constantly with constant trips to the bathroom to take enormous dumps. But I'm sure you tell yourself that having the shits all the time is just the toxins leaving your body.
  18. Was going to leave a macho man gif here. But time has not been kind. Flamboyant man randy savage.

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    I'd like to know how monsly is getting his B12 seeing as how there is no plant source of B12. He's either not getting B12 and risking neurological problems and anemia, or he's getting it from an animal source, meaning he's not really fully vegan. True vegans get stage 4 B12 deficiency and become demented. That's the only way to be truly vegan. The problems with B12 deficiency take several years to become apparent.

    Also animal products are used in the manufacturing of just about everything in modern life. Even things you never think of like your car, or even just very basic things like steel and rubber are made using animal products. Monsly can't even go become Amish because the Amish use animal products.

    This is really a very dumb lifestyle that he has chosen. A lifestyle that isn't even fully possible unless you abandon a modern lifestyle and become a nutrient deficient corpse. People have done this though. I've seen Youtube videos of weird vegan cults in central America where hippies go to starve themselves and have their brains turn to mush.

    Anyway, I've been dry aging some steaks in my fridge. I think I'll grill those this weekend. The outsides of those things are going to get nice and crispy in the cast iron pan and they should be super tender inside. I think i'll spoon some grass fed butter over them as I'm cooking them.
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    Had a cursory look into some of your dramatic claims regarding the health dangers and saw it’s far from as black and white as you present. What a surprise.

    Yes, lots of things use animal products. That’s a good observation. You are free to make your choices here. Plenty do. I’ll skip a fox fur coat but maybe I won’t throw out my upcycled hat stand because it was made before there were alternatives to animal glue.

    Again, life doesn’t need to be black or white. You can make very positive changes, even if someone is incapable of the successes I’ve had; I appreciate my strong will and physical strengths and that others clearly struggle due to their shortcomings. But being weaker isn’t an excuse; it’s just means you’ve got to push harder and not give in. Never give in.

    Another example of the benefits of small changes; why not get rid of your Earth Murderer? You don’t have one? I’m sure you mentioned about owning a CAR before. I’ve switched over to cycling and never looked back, quite literally! It’s an example of the easy benefits ethi-living brings.

    And at least you’re eating grass fed butter. I didn’t know what else BUTTER eats!