Vegetarians Suck

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by cmdrmonkey, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Seriously, who doesn't want to eat meat? What a bunch of assholes. I don't think I could ever trust a person who doesn't like bacon.
  2. Tell me about it. Religious vegetarians are the fucking worst of them. Not only do they not eat delicious foods, but they avoid it due to some dietary restriction from God...

    Irrational people cannot be trusted!
  3. I have no problem with vegetarians and I think I could even live like that. However I don't really understand vegans.
  4. Fuck, I lump those motherfuckers with vegetarians. Evolution haters...
  5. Humans are apex predators put on this planet to eat less evolved, tastier animals.
  6. That's rather inti semetic of you! For shame jk.
  7. My Sister was a vegetarian for a few years when we were younger. She went off meat and said she would never touch again. Not until I made a fry up one day and she converted back.

    Meat is delicious so I don't see why. If they moan about living Animals dying, they can just eat already naturally dead Animals. Problem solved.
  8. Steak, burgers and bacon. These three things I cannot live without.
  9. All three in one bun or sandwich! Yes boi!!
  10. I pity the fools on Cocoon. The fal c'ie may provide them all the warmth and energy they could ever need but they're all vegetarians being fed protein supplements. They'll never know the luxury of a big ol' steak 'n' chips with onion ring (peas optional).
  11. I could go for a steak pie, mash potato, peas and gravy right now! :D
  12. Don't forget the jellied eels :p
  13. Technically that is not meat to some, but it is still flesh and protein so yeah. Still wouldn't touch it though. gravy will do for me.
  14. I hate people who say they're vegetarian but they eat fish. I don't see how eating fish is any different to eating cow or pig. Part timers. It's like people who say they don't drink alcohol but then have a glass of cider. Uh, hello? It's alcohol idiot!
  15. Fish are living animals like everything else. Guess they are not vegetarians like they think they believe.
  16. My brothers partner was a vegetarian up until recently when my brother convinced her to start eating chicken. She became one after visiting a farm and feeling bad for the animals, think she stuck to it for a good few years.

    I also used to know a girl who claimed to be a vegetarian but couldn't resist a bacon sandwich.
  17. I think the divide there is because most fish aren't farmed and killed. Seems an odd divide but I guess if the mass production processes used for most animals is what disgusts you then it might make sense.
  18. Fish may not be farmed, but they are caught more than farmyard animals. Just imagine all the fishing boats in the world fishing on a daily basis. Indeed.
  19. Yeah, but they're not farmed. That's the divide some people make. Still, I'd have thought that would mean they could eat any wild animal.
  20. I see, weird technicality huh. Then again, Animals get slaughterd which is straight away death, but Fish suffocate first.