Verizon and ATT move to shared data plans

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  1. 1. Use their estimated cost calculator:

    2. Read this statement:

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    Verizon got douchebag of 2011 award from me. I see they're fighting really hard to get it for 2012 too. I skimmed through this yesterday and didn't think too much of it since I didn't realize that they were doing away with the original individual and family rate plans like this article suggests. I thought Share Everything was just an option.

    The shared data plans were hugely anticipated when there were rumors of it last year.. and now Verizon finally announces them in the most douchetastic fashion.. in the most worst way possible. This ONLY benefits people who talk and text more than data for individual plans. Hopefully, ATT learns from this and does it somewhat right when they move to shared data... although I doubt it.
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    I got grandfathered into unlimited data on AT&T. Do you think they'll kill that if they move to something like this?
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    Depends.. ATT did a douche move with a soft cap on your unlimited data.. in their own rights, they'll throttle you after 3GB (may or may not happen all the time).

    But Verizon pulled the douchiest move of all. A few weeks ago, they announced that they'd end grandfathered unlimited data once you upgrade to your next phone. The ONLY way you could keep your unlimited data is if you bought your next phone unsubsidized. And then they followed that up with this announcement.

    The way ATT and Verizon follow each other's leads, I wouldn't be surprised if ATT did something similar. Keep your options open.. it might be time to move to prepaid.
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    Expectations are that you will get to keep your legacy plan intact on AT&T 3G. But you will no longer qualify for subsidized phones or 4G LTE service. They will force you to change planes for LTE. This is how AT&T has operated since the Cellular One days... they also deny access to newer towers when you are on legacy planes, trying to force an upgrade.

    Unlike Verizon, AT&T is smart enough to make these changes around a highly anticipated phone so it gets buried. I'm guessing iPhone5 will be the death of the current pricing structure, since the masses will buy it regardless.
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    Guess I'll be sticking with my Galaxy S1 for the foreseeable future, or buying an unlocked 3G phone if it breaks. I really don't want to lose that unlimited data plan.
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    I rock a dumbphone where unlimited data is de facto... ofc that's only 3g as well. I wish I could get another data plan for dumbphones... but unlimited is really the only option :/ they can't kill that off as it's the bottom line anyway :) and if they did I wouldn't care cuz I don't use more than 30 megs anyway. I might do more if I was on 4g though... but I don't even know if they still make dumbfones. The one I got (basically an iPhone 1... the first iPhone is also a dumbphone or so I hear) is relatively new (like 2 years old) but if they do you never hear about em, just the smartphones.

    Again I doubt a dumb "Feature (or Messaging)" phone will ever not have an unlimited plan, it's just too low to think about. I wish my phone was as fast or feature filled as an SGS2 though :/
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    Actually, Nokia is still a top competitor in the phone industry because they own the dumbphone market. I think the smartphone/dumbphone divide is very close to 50/50. It would be funny if Nokia's stranglehold on the dumphone market actually turns out more profitable than all cuthroat competition in smartphones.
  9. ATT announced that their shared data plans will be launching in August. It's quite similar to Verizon's.


    The one key thing here is that ATT won't be killing off their existing plans like Verizon did.
  10. If the base price is two lines, that isn't too unreasonable. I'm still hoping Sprint rolls out unlimited LTE. I saw a friend with Verizon LTE and cried on the inside.
  11. Sprint's LTE (still unlimited) has already started rolling out. It's not anything like Verizon's huge rollout of course..

    The sad part is that they're only guaranteeing you 6-8Mbps download speeds. HSPA+ goes that fast if not faster. They're doing the same mistakes they're doing now in selling themselves off to MVNO's so their entire bandwidth gets sucked up into oblivion while their postpaid customers suffer.
  12. I just got back from Las Vegas and my Sprint phone sucked there. Thankfully, I had a Verizon Jetpack hotspot in my back pocket. I wasn't able to make very many calls or txts, but I was able to FB & email without any issues.
  13. I've been pretty impressed with Tmobile so far. I always carry a Verizon work phone with me and Tmobile gets the exact same coverage as Verizon.