Verizon Iphone Launch

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Feb 11, 2011.


    woo! ya! wooooo!! alright!
  2. yeah. woo. uh huh.
  3. Cool. When's the next one out?
  4. you must've been that apple employee way in the back that forgot to eat his breakfast
  5. I did like the commerial Verizons running "thanking" their customers for holding out for their iPhone. It seems like a nice gesture in light of the price gouging they endure.
  6. There will be a new one in four months. It would be silly for anyone to buy one of these now.
  7. unfortunately, there's a ton of silly people. verizon iphone preorders sold out in a few hours.
  8. ....there are a lot of touch phones that performs equally or better than iphone :lol:
  9. What phones would you suggest? I haven't had any experience with Windows 7 phones and I've only tried the HTC and SE versions of Android.
  10. It depends what you're looking for. Windows Phone 7 devices are the closest you will get to ios. An os that just plain ol works. MS also put a device requirement to be met if it wants to use Windows Phone 7 so any bugs and fragmentation will be minimized.

    If you want customization fun, then the android devices are where you want to look. You're in UK, so the Desire HD should still be hot shit.
  11. Samsung Galaxy s,HTC models.
    WP7 you must play with it as i do and i recognize that is a very good challenger,is xtra fast and very cool.Check the three models HTC,LG and Samsung i will pick the Samsung..., but.............i'm not touch screen phone lover i'll stick with blackberries cuz i can handle with a single hand and single finger.
  12. You can get used to touch screen devices really quickly. You just need a little time and you'll eventually be as fast if not faster. If you are worried about typing, grab swype and you'll be able to type with one finger as fast as you can type on a keyboard.