Verizon Wireless tiered data plan rumors

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  1. If true, looks like they are about to shoot themselves in the foot and have more enemies than ATT.

    Verizon Wireless made it no secret that they would eventually move towards tiered data plans. It was just assumed that they would be reasonable about it, or keep it somewhat similar to how ATT did it.

    ATT tiered data:
    $25/month = 2GB/month ($10 for 1GB overage increments)
    $15/month = 200MB/month ($15 for 200MB overage increments)

    T-Mobile tiered data:
    $60/month = 10GB/month
    $30/month = 5GB/month
    $20/month = 2GB/month
    $10/month = 200MB/month
    You're throttled once you hit your limit

    Rumor has it on July 7th, Verizon will do this:

    $80/month = 10GB/month
    $50/month = 5GB/month
    $30/month = 2GB/month

    To give you an idea, current Verizon customers are paying $30/month for unlimited. So basically, new customers are going to pay the same for a 2GB cap. At least ATT had the courtesy to drop it down $5. No word if you get throttled or if you incur overages. Verizon still hasn't said anything yet.
  2. I just don't understand why more people don't get Sprint... it's stupid not to in all but the most rural areas.

    I need Sprint to have just enough users to keep competing on cost. Too little and they go bankrupt, and too many and they raise prices.
  3. Thankfully I got grandfathered into unlimited data on ATT.
  4. Doesn't it reset with phone upgrades? Unless you buy the unlocked ones, which I suppose can come out cheaper.
  5. I got unlimited Data... don't matter I rarely use 3g anyway since I mostly use my phone at home (wifi) :/
  6. Not with ATT. Once you're grandfathered in, the only way you can lose it is if you literally change the data plan to something else. Otherwise, if you upgrade your phone, you're not changing any features on your account, so it's safe.
  7. No. As long as you're upgrading to another smartphone, it carries over. You would either have to specifically request to cancel your unlimited data, or revert back to a dumb phone with no data plan when upgrading to lose it.

    My plan is $79/month total, and includes unlimited data. Combine the unlimited data with the wireless hotspot feature on my galaxy s, and I have a back up high speed internet connection whenever I need it. I probably won't be switching from AT&T.

    I don't know why people bitch so much about AT&T. My experiences with them have been nothing but positive.
  8. I was grandfathered into a plan with Verizon and I could keep it for as long as I wanted but eventually when I wanted a new phone they said my plan wasn't supported with any of the new phones. So they kind of screwed me on a loophole.
  9. My Dad had AT&T and his phone dropped the call every 5 minutes. His phone was unusable. Now that he's on Verizon we are both happier. About 6 months ago my office bought a some AT&T iPhones for testing. They loved the iPhones but they were unusable because of dropped connections. Sadly they had to go back to Verizon Blackberries.
  10. I guess it depends on where you live. Here in South Florida, almost everyone I know is on AT&T. The other carriers have crappy network coverage down here. My mother had Sprint for awhile, and there were huge areas where she couldn't even get a signal. She eventually switched to AT&T and got an iPhone and hasn't had any problems since.
  11. ATT was great for me in the city. But since I moved to hillbilly heaven I drop calls and end up recieving text messages 3 days after their sent quite often :x. But I'm sure every carrier would be like that out here in the twilight zone.
  12. Try Verizon. They literally have network where nobody else does in bumblefuck parts of the country. But they make you pay a great deal more than ATT.

    Hmm.. I didn't know about ATT grandfather plans allowing phone swaps. I used to have ATT for 10 years, but switched to Sprint for my smartphone because at the time the SERO plan was $30/mo.
  13. Ya, sprint did the same thing when they switched to the "everything" plans. To get one of the newer phones, you had change your plan to one of the "everything" plans. ATT is actually very courteous though. For example, the original iphone (non-3g) data plan is completely different from their standard data plans. It's not in the same category as their smartphone data plans (cheaper too) but they let you carry that over to another phone and it'll be converted to the grandfathered unlimited data plan.

    That's actually one of the loopholes on ATT to get a grandfathered data plan on your account even if you're a new customer now. Find original iphone, activate that imei on your account, provision original iphone data plan, switch back over to new smartphone imei, provision grandfathered unlimited data plan.
  14. More leaks


    If it is true, then Verizon will officially become the most expensive carrier in the US. That's hilarious that there's a plan for basic phones too.