Violent Video Game Tax

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  1. I think most of my videogames come tax free from online sources anyway.
  2. free from state sales tax maybe... but this tax may be thrown in at the federal level.
  3. I used to throw the controller down sometimes if my brother beat me in Atari Combat. Do you think that's what they mean by "aggressive behavior"? ::)
  4. A tax is just stupid. This is no proven link between video games and violence. I'm not saying their isn't one but we will never know until a legitimate study is done and good luck with that. I'm not even sure how a study could be done. And where is the violent movie tax or violent book tax? The ass who acted like the Joker and killed those people in the theater. Where did he get his motivation from? Movies, comics, games, TV shows? Who knows.
  5. Is this a reason to put blame on all these USA school shootings lately? Its easy to blame games, but you dont see people copying Saw and films like that do you.
  6. The Batman movies also kills people!
  7. [​IMG]

    They should pass a horrible musical tax before they mess with games. Awful musicals are far more dangerous. I experienced acute homicidal and suicidal ideation during one of those recently.
  8. I like musicals.

    Once you've passed the point of no return, there's no going back now.
  9. I said awful musicals. My Fair Lady and the like would therefore be tax exempt.
  10. Les mis isn't that bad, is it?
  11. The Tom Hooper version is wretched and painful.
  12. I dreamed a dream... and it was nowhere near here