Wall Street Bets!

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  1. So you guys buying GameStop or nah? I got 2.

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    This r/wallstreetbets stuff is comedy gold

    Bankrupting hedge funds. Pumping up previously doomed companies. And it's a bunch of random dudes on reddit with names like cantstopbustingnuts69

    I'm expecting a Wolf of Wall Street type movie about the reddit dudes at some point.
  3. This is DOMINATING the news. Apparently the dps to the hedge funds was so high it crashed the servers and they had to nerf the class with a hot fix.

  4. Lol I’ve been lurking on Wall Street Bets for a few years. They do long shots and go broke. This is one of the only times I’m seeing the results of the flip side.

    Lol at the media trying to frame WSB as the bad guys. I look forward to seeing the newly minted millionaires gamble it all away.
  5. I’ve been lurking for a while too. It seems like when they all pull together they get results. Tesla has been shorted for years, WSB keeps buying it. But yeah degenerate gamblers.

    I don’t like Robinhood restricting trades. I heard a guy on the radio say short squeezes are illegal (they aren’t) and people bought $200 shares of a dying company for no good reason and they have to restrict trade to protect “professional investors”. I’m switching to a different app after that.

  6. So I went in on GME but I got out of there in the 20s thinking "wow I 2x'd my money". What a mistake that was.

    I also went in on AMC, and the motherfuckin NYSE keeps halting the ticker just as the buy orders flood in. How the fuck is that not straight up market manipulation? I'm teetering on the brink of a margin call lol

    I think the NYSE is buying time for the big financial institutions to scale out of their shorts.

    Robinhood is for filthy casuals. It's not really "free", they fuck you on execution by at least a full penny. So depending on the share spread you can pay more than a traditional broker. IBKR is where you need to be. If you don't have $10k maybe Tradestation. Download ThinkOrSwim for free real time L2 quotes but their executions suck so don't use them for trades.

    I use TOS for free Real Time L2 and execute orders on IBKR.
  7. mizzle has been filthy casual for as long as you’ve known the name. But duly noted. I’ll check out a few different apps.

    I had around 10 shares GME at around 100 a few days ago and sold for +3x. I bought around 85-90 nok and bb because they legit look good. I bought 2 more gme for FOMO on the squeeze. I set those two to sell at $42069.00 lol.

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    Wall Street Bets is now pumping up Doge Coin

    Derpy dog themed cryptocurrency. Clearly very undervalued.

  9. Papa Elon says we can have dog parks on Mars.

  10. The downside to IBKR is it so good it executed my order for AMC. Those other fucking autists use Robinhood which is limiting the WSB tickers. I cannot believe this is not illegal. They are refusing to execute orders and pretending they are "saving users from themselves". Robinhood makes money selling order flow. I don't believe for a second Citadel didn't tell them to restrict flow so they aren't bag holding.
  11. I bought two more. I love hearing all worry on the news.

  12. LOL I'm so glad I didn't get margin called yesterday. I'm still a little in the red on AMC but I would've gotten crushed if they liquidated me yesterday.

    I can't believe a broker (RH) can outright refuse customer orders to bailout the big financial firms. Edit; actually I can.
  13. Wall Street successfully conspired to fuck over retail investors. GME and AMC prices collapsed. Shockingly, I still haven't been margin called.
  14. You think it’s over?


    I don’t really know anything, who is selling?

  15. It’s honestly hard to tell if it’s done. There’s some serious conspiracy theory stuff going on over there. Mods being bought for a movie, bots flooding discord and the main site type stuff. Could be the crazy leaking out. Could be trolls. Could be hedge funds really are trying to disrupt. Could be Robinhood really couldn’t run trades at that volume. What a time to be alive.

    I’m getting flashbacks to the old console wars between M$ shills and Wiitards and PS fanbois. I guess it makes sense that our generation grew up and is still in flame wars over our favorite companies and cryptos. Just this time with billions of dollars.

    Still holding 4.45 GME.

  16. Robinhood is so full of shit lol. They absolutely artificially flattened these stocks by refusing to execute buy orders. But the restrictions are lifting, we'll see if WSB will flood in or wave the white flag.

    I figure only about 350k are really WSB'ers. The extra 8M that joined for the ride will not risk it. I'm still bag holding AMC (down 50+%) and still no margin call. I have a decent size account so they are probably cutting me slack but most brokers would've cashed me out a long time ago lol
  17. Yeah. Still looking into switching apps. Looking for a sweet spot of mobile access, fractional shares, no history of fuckery, yada yada. Fidelity, vanguard, your suggestions, and some others are being looked at but I’m in no real hurry.

    I’ve been playing with my smoke money (quit last year). I’ve put half into RH another half into Acorns to buy a boat somewhere down the line. So it’s small but I don’t mess with options and margin very much at all. I can sit on this forever.

  18. I think GME and AMC are ded. Like Batman's parents.
  19. I've always wanted to own my own movie movie theater. Not sure why. Maybe now is the time to buy one.