Wall Street Bets!

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mizzle, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. GME and AMC are in the top ten held stocks on Robinhood. But probably dead.

    Meanwhile. Dogecoin is hovering around .08 and is up 26000% over 5 years.

  2. Apparently, it is not over. Interstellar yo-yo.

  3. lol I feel like as long the short interest is so high, these random pops are gonna occur and fizzle repeatedly.
  4. [mention]mizzle [/mention] yoooooo! I hope you kept your amc. I’ve been on wall street bets since 2015. It took 6 years but they fucking delivered BIGLY.

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  5. Congrats. I keep buying more gme for some reason. I’m completely swept away by the memes.

    But I got two amc just in case. It’s gonna get dumped soon I think.

  6. Goddamn. These meme stocks are a wild ride, I went from "fuck this job" on Wednesday to "Yes Sir" by Friday lol

  7. Lol what did you do buy options? I mean shares are barely 5-10 bucks down from ath.

  8. No, I have actual shares. But they moved like $20 down last week. But it's back up $10. LOL. I really don't know when a good time to cash out is because there seems to be no rules with meme stocks.
  9. You said it. Some say AMC is done. But GME has been “done” for months now and just hit 350 yesterday.

    Now, of all things, Wendy’s is getting some talk.

    I used to buy wine based on how cool the label was. Now I’m gonna set my portfolio by how funny the memes are.