Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armitage, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Well, who's excited for this title? I sure as hell am and I was wondering if any of the PVC crew would be picking up a copy of the game (perferably on PC) as well.
  2. I haven't heard much about it. Isn't it being released near to Gears 3?
  3. I haven't played the other Warhammer games. They seem like something I would like since RTS is one of my favorite genres, but I've just never gotten around to playing them. Could I pick this up and not be totally lost, or would I have to play the other games first?
  4. I really enjoyed Dawn of War but was a bit annoyed that they only had a campaign for one of the classes (been a long time since I knew the names of the different marine types so can't remember which it is).

    This isn't high on my priority list but it may be something I look at eventually.
  5. Well, this game is separate to the DoW franchise as it's a 3rd person action game, however if you did jump into any of the DoW games it isn't very important as to which game you start off on, as a lot of the times you are following the story from a different hero's perspective to what the last game had and there will only be fleeting references to events in the other titles.


    It's being released in September, early-ish as well, so yes pretty close to GoW 3, however gameplay is only really related by the fact that it's 3rd person. Other than that they play almost completely differently. So GoW3 shouldn’t have too much barring on whether you’d buy this game or not, barring monetary constraints.

    This should explain all: