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  1. Twin Peaks + Alan Wake + M. Night Shyamalan = Wayward Pines?

    He claims its got nothing to do with Twin Peaks but after watching the trailer, that seems a little disingenuous.

    I think there is supposed to be a real Twin Peaks remake next year, I wonder if this obvious knock off will cash in and steal its thunder. They aren't holding back, everyone is a known face, plus some outright stars here.

  2. Actually, it looks like a rip-off of The Prisoner mixed with Twin Peaks.

  3. They aren't remaking Twin Peaks. Lynch is continuing the story, this time on Showtime where he'll have creative freedom.

    This looks like a cheap network TV knockoff. Proving once again that network TV is creatively bankrupt these days. They just rip off stuff from HBO, Showtime, and AMC.
  4. Finally saw this. It's actually off to a pretty good start... It's not the kind of show you can casually watch while doing laundry. Gotta give it a decent amount of attention to not be lost.

    Apparently, it's based on a book trilogy and not a shitty M. Night Shyamalan story. The show itself is a limited 10 episode mini-series that covers the entire trilogy, with MNS directing the first episode.

    The one and done summer run explains the unbelievable amount of movie stars they got for a TV show.
  5. hmm well that's good to hear. when they out that early ep launch on the site, the reviews were looking pretty bad so I didn't even give it my time.. if I waste my time on this, I'm gonna slap you.
  6. Well this escalated quickly, I guess the 10 episode limit will force that.

    Two in, it seems like a simplistic version of Persons Unknown on NBC a few years ago. Now that show was fucking hard to follow...

    The way the show is presented it has a very Alan Wake and general videogamey feel to it.
  7. So, I got to the reveal in episode 5. Have to say, I didn't see that coming... but I should have. Pretty sure he made a shitty movie with a similar (exact?) premise!

    Kinda demotivated about the rest. Might marathon it once it's over.
  8. Is this a self-contained 1 series then, with a proper ending? Had assumed it was a long running/aimless thing like Lost that would get mega-shit.
  9. It a bit complicated... it's advertised as a self contained mini-series.

    Film talent tend to get their TV outings marketed as a mini-series. It gives them a built-in exit without the embarrassment of cancellation.

    Realistically if it was a success, it would go on for years. This flopped hard, and is set to wrap up nicely in 10 episodes.
  10. I read up on this a little and it was only meant for the 10 episode mini series. it's based off of a trilogy from the books and the show completes the entire trilogy in the 10 episodes.