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  1. So, this got snagged by Websense... doesn't work from work anymore.

    I recall this happening last time, and Ichi fixing it. But I have no clue where to begin.
  2. Here is the ACE report. The site is classified as a newly registered web site. That in itself is a category that can be blocked. There is a link to make a category recommendation. I'd recommend social organisation of some type. I can make a request or you can. You have to explain your suggestion. It'd be nice to know what Ichiban did the first time since that already worked.


    There is also those 58 malicious links. Not sure what to do about that.
  3. Thanks. I just went for Productivity: Message Boards and Forums. Said we were a tech + hobbies forum.

    Seems like some sort of backhanded subscription sales gimmick to me.
  4. That monkey again.
  5. As long as you didn't select the porn, guns, and abortion categories we should be good. I'm pretty sure the last website was only classified once at the beginning. If they had ever reviewed it again we might have had some issues.
  6. Looks like our new classification took. Threat Severity:No threat detected

    How's the work access?
  7. Yep, started working from work the next day... if we're going to get flagged by websense again, I went it to be because we are the preeminent scat lovers forum in all the internet.
  8. I had to put in a separate Websense request for the main page.... which seems kind of stupid. I told them it was a family friendly gravestone splash page that linked the #1 scat story lovers forum. I'm sure we'll have some Websense guys joining by the end of work day.
  9. Looks like PVC may have lost its web filter category again.
  10. What does that mean? Am I going to die?
  11. yep sadako is going to find you within 7 days.
  12. Does he have to forward a YouTube video or something now?
  13. yep has to be one of Armadeadn's videos
  14. lol you can thank the turd eating deviant... He made the review section a hit. But also brings keywords like:

    chuck tingle ama
    homoerotic novels
    swingers forum

    We do well on various Liam neeson searches, not nearly as well as we should on scat.
  15. Nah I think we are uncategorized which is what happened before. Might have happened when you switched to the new forum service.
  16. I don't remember what I did with that... also, I'm perpetually connected thru my work VPN and so far websense hasn't blocked me. Maybe 'uncategorized' is better? Previously, I couldn't enter the Gaming section, now I can lol
  17. I think you logged into websence and register the site as a technology site. I'll take a look at it later.
  18. so i found the link and checked... we're still listed as Message Boards & Forums with no threat... maybe your work has stricter criteria?
  19. Yeah I forgot I was on a different gateway last week. They even block wikipedia there. Still, the error I got was unclassified so who knows.