What Album Are You Listening To?

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  1. Along the lines of NIN or a bit more industrial metal such as Union Underground?

    Keep answering these sorts of questions and I will have a complete musical profile of you in no time.
  2. NIN I enjoyed, Ministry and Al Jourgensen side projects too. Also dabbled in Front 242 and einsturzende neubauten too.
  3. I am surprised you didn't mention Rammenstein. They are one of the more well known Industrial metal bands. Wasn't White Zombie and later Rob Zombies solo work also Industrial metal?
  4. Everyone mentions Rammstein so I thought I would suggest something different.

    Rammstein live is one of the best shows I have ever been to, the heat from the pyro was immense.
  5. Rammstein have always seemed more metal to me but my definition of metal is something that sounds shite.
  6. Wut? None of their songs really sound much like metal. Ever heard Du Hust? It's got friggn' mobile phone sounds in it!
  7. I am not a big fan of Du Hast and although I own other albums am never inclined to listen to anything other than Mutter. I think it was their pinnacle moment as a band with no album before or since matching it.
  8. Why did you class them as an industrial metal band if none of their songs sound much like metal?
  9. I remember hearing Rammstein's Mein Herz Brennt used in the Swedish movie Lilja 4-ever very effectively. Really powerful. I never got around to investigating the band further.
  10. @Monsly:

    They are still Industrial Metal, differen't genres of metal can take fairly radical changes in sound. For example, classic heavymetal like Judas Priest's old stuff sounds like Hardrock more than anything. That sounds nothing like the crazy shit cradle of filth has, yet they are both under the metal category.


    I'm not such a big fan myself, and I don't own any of their stuff. As such I was making an assessment of them based upon their more recent works (which I have heard). Though if what you say is true about Mutter being their best, I may give that a listen.


    Well if you're suggesting a song from Mutter as well I guess I must give it a listen!
  11. You must have heard Sonne, that riff is so distinctive and instantly recognisable.

    Also Feuer Frei! was used on the movie XXX and they were in the movie playing it in a club.
  12. Different subgenres can sound different? Fuck me. It still makes precisely fuck all sense to pigeonhole a band as industrial metal and then say they're not metal.
  13. I don't know the band well, but the way that song was used in the movie Lilja 4-ever was unforgettable. Lilja 4-ever was without question one of the most powerful and emotionally moving movies I've ever seen (probably #2 after Grave of the Fireflies, which will crush you if you have any soul or conscience; Lilja 4-ever, on the other hand, made me want to reach through the screen and strangle some of the characters that victimize the protagonist; RAGE!), and Mein Herz Brennt is played at some of the most crucial parts. It plays in my head whenever I think about those parts of the movie.
  14. I didn't say they weren't metal, I simply said that they sounded far from Heavymetal which you said you disliked.
  15. Buh? Where have I mentioned I dislike heavy metal in particular? And you didn't simply say the above; you said none of their songs really sound much like metal. You just wrote something stupid, that's all. It clearly makes no sense. I'm sure none of their songs really sound much like Hungarian disco so maybe you should reclassify them accordingly.
  16. Just to point out Sonne sounds more metal than a lot of other metal.
  17. Overdosing on liquid gold FTW!
  18. Hatebreed - The Rise of Brutality - Doomsayer

    All this talk of metal has got me in the mood to listen to some again, I only listen to older stuff these days, all the new stuff is pretty poor and as I am feeling generous I am going to share it with you all.

  19. I'll tell you a song I hate; that stupid The Metal song by Tenacious D. Playing through Brutal Legend was a painful reminder of why I dislike metal so much and that song was the coup de grace for my interest in the game, pretty much.
  20. Tenacious D were an OK 'novelty act' when they first appeared but after a while it just got boring.

    We have a chap at work who always does 'tribute' whenever there is a karaoke setup, he is just as if not more annoying than Jack Black himself.