What Album Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. That is the only song I like from Tenacious D.
  2. Fine I conceed defeat, it was a poorly written sentence and I did mistake what you said. I'd thought you mentioned Heavy Metal specifically. I was tired and it was getting late then, they are my only excuses.
  3. The Wildhearts: P.H.U.Q

    Blast from the past this; I forgot how good this album was.
  4. Pendulum: Immersion

    Not great but not bad either. A couple of tracks are verging on dub steb so I simply skip those ones :)

    I don't entertain dub step as it's the worst music I've ever heard in my life. Track 13 (Self Vs Self) is random, it sounds like a cross between Atreyu and Pendulum, bizarre.
  5. The Island 2 parter tracks are awesome. great album. Dubstep is okay.
  6. I hate you.
  7. Not worry Arma, I've already gone brought to the fore that Phixis has a horrible choice in music. This was an expected statement.
  8. I doubt it. I find you have bad taste. Metal or whatever is rubbish.

    Arma, I said it was okay, but I never listen to it, especially when I have D&B to listen to.
  9. Gah. You can't pick when I'm being funny. Possibly it sounded too serious but anyway.
  10. I don't really hate you phisix :)
  11. You both love me really. ;)

    Still, Hardcore is the way forward!
  12. You were right, those Island tracks are awesome. I shouldn't like part II (dusk) because it's almost dub step and fankly it's just talentless noise, but for some reason I like it. I'm almost embarrassed to say I like but who cares right? I bet it would be amazing if you were in a club tripping your tits off on ecstacy or coke.
  13. If you want some proper DnB, try some Nero. The new Chase and Status album is good but it has some dubstep I think.
  14. Hardcore or Hardstyles, there is quite a distinction you know.
  15. Hardcore more really. The vocal ones more than hardstyle to be honest.

  16. Thanks for clearing something up for me, I now know I don't like hardcore.
  17. Wait, this is hardcore music, it's derivitive of punk. I don't know what you're listening too but it ain't real hardcore music. Unless they tend to drop the genre that it's derivitive of and just leave hardcore. Anyway, this is hardcore music.

  19. If we're going to post music videos I present to you, my favourite song of all time:

    (Not the official video)

    That's right, the lyrics don't even start until 2:40. This is the future of music.
  20. Heh. I don't like Hardcore music, I like Heavy Metal and Groove Metal. I was just showing you what hardcore actually is. I think Phixis is confusing hardstylez for hardcore.