What Album Are You Listening To?

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  1. I don't think he is confusing anything, he's being confused by the industry. The name of the compilation his hardcore tune was taken from is in fact called "Hardcore 'til I die". The industry calls it hardcore.
  2. Considering I heard that song at hardcore heaven, I think it is hardcore. That said, hardcore does use hardstyle in some tunes. It even uses drum and bass sometimes. You know why? because its freaking HARDCORE baby!
  3. Don't ask me why, because I wont be able to answer you as I am not sure myself, but I've suddenly found myself listening to this almost everyday.

    Oh and this as well, but I can tell you why I'm listening to this... because it's friggn' awesome.

  4. I didn't appreciate Girl Talk back in 2007 when he was starting getting recognized, but I revisited him now that my tastes have matured drastically, and I now see what I was missing. I'm downloading his last album as we speak.
  5. Weird- I used to like them/(him)? I think he was from Switzerland or something.

    Lately I've been listening to the old Armada album by Keep of Kalessin, inspired by the new Aptorian Demon track:

    I've also been listening to Ordo ad Chao by Mayhem a little. The lyrics are too childish for my hardcore metaphysics education but the music is still really cool.

    Other than that I finished the new Taake CD Noregs Vaapen (
    which was pretty cool but maybe a little too melodic for me.
  6. I got a £25 itunes voucher for christmas. I got the tron legacy soundtrack as that's awesome but now I don't know what to get with the remaining 20 quid. I'm not sure about films or tv because I can see myself watching whatever I download once, then not watching it again. Any album ideas?
  7. What kind of music do you like?

    There was a new ambient/meditation "psybient" album released by Carbon Based Lifeforms that was pretty 'chill'.

    If you like black metal, there's 'the true Norwegian black metal' band Mayhem and my favorite album by them 'Ordo Ad Chaos' that I'd recommend. It's really slow, heavy and dark compared to their old stuff.

    The psychedelic rock band "U.S. Christmas" has a really good album called "Salt the Wound".

    My favorite band of all time called Neurosis (psychedelic sludge metal) is awesome no matter what album you try:

    Woods of Ypres has nice folk/doom metal sounds:
    - similar to Agalloch.

    For real folk music, nothing to me beats Steve Von Till:
  8. Last album I bought was the new Black Keys' album before Christmas. Two thumbs up.
  9. Ministry of sound electric 80's. Mostly shit but some great songs in there.
  10. The first time I heard of the black keys was when they recently slammed nickelback saying they're tired of people being spoon fed the same old garbage and how there's no point in trying to be the best rock band in the world if everyone is ok with shit like nickelback being the best.

    Then I listened to a couple of their songs and instantly realised the only reason they're not going to bother being the best rock band in the world is because they're shit. They are the ones who sound like pretty much every shitty inde band out there right now, at least nickelback have a distinct sound. If I heard the black keys on the radio I would be forgiven for thinking it could be any number of bands.

    They're really arrogant and insulting as well as being shit, I don't like them.
  11. Are you defending Nickleback? I think you need to think about what you've just done.
  12. Do Nickleback still exist? I heard a few of their songs back in my long haired metal days (late 90's, early 2000's) but assumed they would have died off by now. Surely no one buys that crap?
  13. They released quite a popular single around the christmas period.


    is far better than this:

    I'm not saying Nickelback are great but they're better than the black keys by several country miles. The drummer from the black keys said:

    Who ever said that Nickelback were the biggest band in the world? And watered-down rock music? Yeah, because the black keys are so rock n roll. Dull, dreary basic 2 step beats with uninspired vocals and plinky plonky guitar riffs does not rock n roll make. I think they're just trying to get some much needed attention by stirring up shit about a band that has actually been successful and actually create rock music. Some people like the black keys and I accept that but I don't like it when people come out with utter bullshit remarks just to gain some twitter followers. This makes me sound like a huge Nickelback fan but I assure that isn't the case, it's just that comments like these make the band sound like a bunch of arrogant twats which they're probably not, but this comment makes them seem that way.

    Nickelback has since responded by saying

  14. The thing I like about Nickelback songs is they have quiet bits followed by louds bits.
  15. When I pressed play on the Nickleback song I thought they were going to break into a 'you win again' by the Beegees cover!

    Infact I would go as far as to say they actually stole the intro.
  16. @monsly

    Like the majority of songs on the planet then.
  17. No, like every song they ever do. There's a place for shit-rock in the world so fair play to them. Nothing wrong with being the Bieber for the older, more clueless people of this world.
  18. Can Nickleback be seriously classed as rock? I would say they are pop bordering on pop-rock.

    I used to spend a lot of time in rock/metal circles and I can't remember anyone ever liking them, ever. Never sat in a pub and heard someone choose Nickleback on the jukebox that's for sure. Its a very generic sound that they have with a singer with a slightly unusual voice, infact without his voice I doubt they would have gotten any recognition. Just because you play your own instruments doesn't mean you are a rock band. Are McFly a rock band?

    They remind me very much of Puddle of Mudd and I think came to peoples attention around the same time. Both shit bands.

    Don't get me wrong, I put that Black Keys song on and they are shit as well.

    EDIT: Seeing as this has come up and I am sitting here feeling all old on my birthday lets try to feel at least 9 years younger shall we.

  19. I think they prefer being classed as alternative. LOL.
  20. An alternative to what though? An alternative to good music?

    Also I fucking hate that term, anyone who describes themselves as alternative is a cock.