What are you eating/creating? Recipes Optional.

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  1. That Vs food thread gave me an idea for this thread. Just post on what you are eating meal wise or what you are or are about to create to eat?

    I just made and ate a nice big cheese omelette. By big I meant packed full of yummy cheese. I have a big cheese loving tooth so I usually pack cheese in a lot of things if I use it. Real cheese that is and not the in a can one. ;)

    I should try some different fillings next time and I am thinking either cheese and ham or cheese and bacon.

    Recipes would be good too for the more better meals.
  2. I've recently started making chicken Patia curry again. Think the recipe is getting there now - could post it up if anyone is interested. It's basically a sweet and hot curry with citrus undertones. I freaking love patias.
  3. That would be good. Recipes would be a nice change to these threads.
  4. I smoked my pork butt the other day. It was an experiment and it turned out pretty good. Put a dry rub on it and smoked it for 10 hours. Made a finishing sauce of apple viniger and hot peppers. Shredded it and put it on a hot dog bun. Added mustard and it was great.

    Today I'm smoking a brisket. I'm going to skip the dry rub and just marinate it in beer and then use a more traditional tomato BBQ sauce.
  5. whats a recipe??
  6. A recipe is a set of instructions on how to create something. Such as a cookbook.
  7. I was just kiddin ya, most of my stuff is microwave dinners
  8. I was going to say were you born in the dark ages or what. I only use Microwave type meals for when I am in a rush or need to eat something quit. Cooked things are much better.
  9. I had a bunch of peaches that were getting too ripe so I'm making peach cobbler.
  10. Smoked this brisket a few days ago.

  11. My breakfast sandwich. 2 slices of turkey bacon, 2 eggs, 5 slices of turkey, 2 slices of tomato, toasted roll, and light miracle whip.

  12. OMG. That looks soooo good. I want to see a pic of this monly curry.
  13. That looks so tasty! I have not done something like that for a long time. I may have to do fried eggs, sausages, bacon and grated cheese in half of some tiger bread sometime. Proper builders breakfast!
  14. It's pretty cheap too. I've been smoking country ribs and pork butts today. Should make for some good BBQ tomorrow.
  15. You smoke a lot of food. What they hell is smoking food anyway? We don't do that around here I think.
  16. You've never had smokey bacon?
  17. Dunno, probably. I just pick up any old bacon, it all tastes the same to me. Speaking of which, I need to stock up on some tomorrow.

    Think I will do a homemade cottage pie or toad in the hole tomorrow. Mmm.
  18. It's slow cooking at a low temperature. Hard wood is usually added for the smoke. A large pork butt can take 12 hours to cook but when it's done the meat falls off the bone and has a smokey good flavor. Then you add the BBQ sauce. People smoke turkeys, chickens, ribs briskets, pork roast, and even cheese.

  19. Here is a Hawaiian dinner. Fried Spam, fried hot dog, fried salami, fried Portuguese sausage, scrambled eggs with green onions, musubi, and cucumber kimchi.