What are you eating/creating? Recipes Optional.

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  1. Hawaiin food looks interesting. Did you make that yourself?
  2. No. The Mom-in-law did. It’s greasy as heck but the musibi is just rice balls wrapped in seaweed. You take a bite of that and then a bite of salty greasy meat and it mixes together really well. I’m sure some would disagree but a lot of traditional Hawaiian cuisine is unhealthy junk. The cucumber kimchi would be the exception but that’s more Korean than Hawaiian.
  3. yur supposed to put the greasy meat in the seaweed when you cook it lol but. Yep Hawaiian food is pretty bad for you lol. whenever I go I gain 5-10 pounds. OFC I'm told salty foods just line the belly and hold all the water in so you look fatter :/ or something like that. The staple of Hawaiian meals is pork pork and more pork. It's the only thing you can hunt there. Spam wasn't invented in Hawaii though :/.

    Another thing that puts on the weight (and probably the primary reason...) is all the PASTRY products they got over there. Comes from an over-abundance of sweet nectars. Tons of Banana pies, Apple pies, Chifon Cake, Malasada (steamed doughnut), Guava pastries and so on not to mention choco covered macadamian nuts. INS won't let ANY of that on the airplane though :/
  4. I thought it was pretty obvious. The fact that spam is so big over there makes it kinda dur.
  5. Yeah I always thought all the bakeries were kind of odd but I always enjoy a good chocolate haiupa pie.
  6. Unhealthy or not that still looks and sounds pretty good to me.
  7. I'd never made bacon in the oven before. It really is a much better cooking method. The bacon comes out perfectly crispy, and you can cook a lot more at once. Just line a pan with tin foil, and put it on the top rack at 400F for 20-25 minutes.
  8. Very true, we made a bacon weave and some other bacon goodness things in the oven for my housemates birthday. Soooo good!
  9. Mmm, one of my favorite kinds of threads.

    Tonight I will be eating raw tomatoes, a piece of cheese, a piece of bread, a Mug rootbeer and a Hamm's beer. This is because neither myself nor my girlfriend have any idea how to cook. I'm going to purchase for her a maid to teach her and hopefully she will become my girlfriend's girlfriend (who will be my girl too/two).
  10. So you're getting a bang maid? Nice. And a bisexual bang maid to boot!

    Bisexual Bang Maids sounds like a good title for a porn movie.
  11. you do cover it right? and don't have grease fires all the time. really messes up the oven too.
  12. I don't cover it and I haven't had any grease fires yet.

    The corgis love when I make bacon. They sit patiently and wait for it to come out of the oven.
  13. What is it with beef stew? It always smells great when you're making it, but the taste never lives up to the hype.
  14. I think they do. I think the problem is that beef stew taste is kind of generic though. Most beef stew tastes are all the same.
  15. It tends to come out bland. You usually have to add a lot of seasoning to get it to taste right.

    This batch came out decent, but I think it was because I added red wine and plenty of seasoning. Still, it never tastes as good as it smells.

  16. Bland beef stew seems pretty common when homemade. The best I ever made was in the slow cooker using wine instead of beef broth. Good wine makes good stew but it's an expensive meal.
  17. now I know what I was thinkin, it was the chicken I used to bake all the time. Than I cleaned the oven and thought I am NEVER bakin chicken again without a lid. Bacon would be just as bad I'd assume. It's nasty stuff.
  18. I think it depends on the kind of oven. Smaller ovens where the coils are really close to the food are probably more likely to have grease fires.