What books are you reading?

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  1. Read a free book I got called the Paper Magician. It's was good but I don't think I'll read any more in the series. I'm now reading Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! I like it but it's not pulling me in and making me want to read more.
  2. Reading more of the Dresden Files. Finished Fool Moon and moving on to Grave Peril.
  3. Been doing a lot of reading lately. I'm currently on Dune. I've never read it before. I'd highly recommend Ready Player One to anyone who likes the 80s or gaming in general. Spielberg is making the movie version of the book.


  4. Finished a couple of Neil Gaiman books. Anansi Boys, and Neverwhere. I've seen Coraline, Good Omens, and Stardust, so the next Gaiman book I'll probably try is American Gods. I'm also going through the Harry Potter books and I'm up to The Order of the Phoenix.
  5. I'm nearing the end of the lightbringer saga at the minute. Took a little while to get in to as it goes in all guns blazing and doesn't explain anything but it gets there.

    Before that I read the first two King Killer trilogy books. Really enjoyed those, just a shame the final book still isn't out.
  6. I'm about a 4th of the way through The Name of The Wind. It's great writing but it doesn't draw me back after I put it down. Nothing exciting has happened.
  7. I finished The Name of the Wind. It's a great book about nothing. I'll read the next one eventually but I'd like to wait for the 3rd to come out. I started Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. It definitely feels like young adult fiction but it's still fun. Sanderson is becoming one of my favorite authors. The Mistborn and Reckoners series are two of my all time favorites.
  8. After I finished the lightbringer saga I was going to move on to the night angel trilogy but my local Waterstones didn't have the first book in so I decided to move on to another author. I am currently 2 books through the demon cycle series by Peter V. Brett. Like the lightbringer saga I couldn't decide if I was getting in to it at first but I think I am now at the point where I definitely want to finish the last 3 books. Book 1 is mostly centred around 3 characters but book 2 opens that up and adds a few more. I started book 3 this morning and that too started with a back story on another character. The only slightly confusing thing about it is that the first book jumps around timelines a bit (think the witcher series) but it at least tells you the year at the start of each chapter.
  9. I was going to start The Demon Cycle or Gentleman Bastards series next but I felt like I needed to take a break from fantasy. I'm currently working my way through Harry Potter and the Wheel of Time as well. Although, I'm not sure if I'll continue with the Wheel of Time. I'm on book 4 and I'm not sure if I have the fortitude for 11 more 900 page books. I guess filming has already started for the TV series so I may just wait for that to start.

  10. I finished the the Harry Potters series. I think Harry Potter is a rare case where the movie are as good as the books. The books are still worth reading but they also make Rowling's writing weaknesses more apparent. There are plenty of plot holes and lack of forethought that are more annoying in the slow pace of the books. Book 4 was particularly bad.
  11. I couldn't find a comics/ graphic novel thread so I'm posting this here. In case I get stuck indoors with this Wuhan plague running amok, I bought the hardcover The Sandman Omnibus vol 1, which looks incredible.

    It's about 1000 pages of content and considered one of the best series ever, so I should have plenty of quality content to read for now.
  12. I finished Brandon Sanderson's Skyward and have moved on to Starsight. I've also started the first Artemis Fowl book. It's defiantly a YA book but I wanted to read it before the movie came out.
  13. Joyland

    This one usually ranks in the bottom 10 of people favorite Stephen King novels but that might be why I liked it so much. There's no horror. It's just a coming of age, crime drama, with a supernatural twist.

  14. Starsight

    Part 2 of Brandon Sanderson Skyward series. It's good. Not great. I'll read the third book when it comes out.

    Eaters of the Dead

    Perhaps not one of Michael Crichton's better books. The 13th Warrior is the movie adaptation but I've never seen it.

    Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

    I'm sure it's a useful read for some people but I didn't get much out of it.
  15. The Warded Man: Book One of The Demon Cycle

    It was good. I'm kind of surprised at how the second book starts off so different.

    The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

    I don't think it was Gaiman's best story telling but perhaps that is because it's tailored for a younger audience.

    True Fiction

    It's sort of a mockery of other thriller books like True Lies. It's the kind of book you read on the beach for a few days.

    Season of Storms

    This is the 6th Witcher book but it's take place during the timeline of the first Witcher book. Good stuff.
  16. I am half way through the 4th book. Personally I don't think the books get better as they go on, probably get weaker but I have started the story so I must now finish it. The first book focused on 3 characters but from the second you quickly get more and more stories being told which can make the whole thing feel a little disjointed at times.

    I preferred the 5 books in the middle, the continued story interested me more than a series of short stories.
  17. It's a pet peeve of mine when books or series of books drift away from the main story. I mean, we spend the entire Warded Man book waiting for the main characters to get together, and then as soon as it happens we jump to book 2, which switches to some very unlikable characters and more uncomfortable sexual violence. I've been tempted a few times to just stop reading but I hate not completing a book, and the writing is pretty good.

    Book 6 of the Witcher reads like a series of short stories even though it wasn't. I'm guessing that's how the author likes to write. I've read The Sword of Destiny and I'm in the middle of The Last Wish which is a little redundant after the show. I look forward to finally getting to Blood of Elves.
  18. I really don't like Jardir or any of this allies/family members. Trying to make him in to any sort of hero feels wrong and I would quite honestly prefer the story didn't spend so long on him, he's just a prick.
  19. I've started listening to the dramatization of the graphic novel. They've done a pretty good job.

  20. The Eyes of the Dragon. Apparently King wrote this for his daughter but I'm not sure what age she was. It's seems too mature for a toddler but maybe too slow for a teen. It's got a Princes Bride kind of vibe to it. It's not a normal King novel which is why I chose it. 7/10


    The Lies of Locke Lamora. 6/10. A lot of people love this book but I found it merely okay.


    The way of the Kings. I just started it so I don't have an opinion yet.