What Games Are You Playing?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. What game or games are you currently playing?

    Mostly World of Warcraft still, but I have started playing Mojora's Mask after completing ocarina of time and I also starting Pokemon Stadium 2 as I never played that back in the N64 days.
  2. I'm currently playing Gran Turismo 5 online, trying to set up some regular races with the folks on here.

    Also playing LittleBigPlanet 2 story mode co-op with grim and monsly, although grim's connection is proving troublesome at the moment.
  3. I keep seeing you guys playing that. It is a shame I still don't have a PS3 as I would love to jump on that bandwagon, especially since I always enjoyed the Gran Turismo's.
  4. @Chi

    How is LBP2? My girlfriend and I were looking at getting it the other day, but weren't sure if it was good enough to buy now or if we should wait for it to become a greatest hits. Any experience with the move controls in LBP2?
  5. The level design is really, really good. One of the story levels grim and I played on had us firing out trifles from a hat/gun thing and the trifles would stick to walls etc. ... It's a lot better than my description...

    If you like platformers/your girlfriend likes sackboy/you fancy creating your own levels/you enjoy playing online with friends then it's a must buy.

    Getting it when it's cheaper will mean more user created levels, but also means it'll be harder for yours to get noticed. It'll also mean fewer people playing story mode levels, if you wanted to hop in with randoms.

    I haven't tried Move with it yet, I don't think it supports it out of the box in the main game but it does come with Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves which are 10 co-op levels which require one pad player and one Move player.

    I believe Move support will be added to create mode in a patch when they've figured out how to implement it well.
  6. Just to back up Chi I really enjoyed the 90 minutes or so we played last night. The Story levels have taken a massive step up from LBP and even the short way into the game we got they came up with some really good stuff.

    Was also nice to have a proper boss as the end of the first world.
  7. It was also good to see that despite grim's shoddy connection and his crackly voicechat (I'm unable to make out what grim says on any PS3 game, not just this one. It's his dodgy VM connection) The game played smoothly and fairly lag free.

    grim, why is your name getting shorter and shorter? It's gone from grimreaper, to grimmy, and now grim...
  8. Just easier to type when I log in isn't it!

    Yeah we didn't really suffer from any lag at all other than my dodgy connection playing up a little when loading a new level once.
  9. Don't you have it ticked to "Always stay signed in"?

    Yeah, for someone who's upload speed was below 56k earlier in the evening, it was remarkably smooth.
  10. My upload was around 400k when we were playing and my download 7500k (7.5Mbps), that's why I can't understand why you couldn't hear me. We need someone else to play with us on something as Monsly never seems to have any trouble but you always do.

    When we played Worms with Armadeadn I don't remember him complaining about me cutting out.
  11. It's weird that it's only you who is crackly, monsly is perfectly clear and so is armadeadn.
  12. Im still playing BC2, logged 950 hours now. Dont think il end up playing this more then BF2.
  13. Mirror's Edge

    I'm really awful at it. I can't count the number of times I've jumped blindly to my death.

    It's unique in concept, and I like the art direction and music.
  14. Fallout: New Vegas

    I really like it despite some horrible bugs. Last night I shot one bullet and took out two guys but then one of them became invisible and started attacking me.

    It looks about the same as the first but I think the draw distance has been reduced.
  15. I spent last two months playing Oblivion. Have just finished the Dark Brotherhood storyline. I am near 90 hours into the game and slowly think of putting it away for good.

    It seems that New Vegas is my next stop as I really enjoyed Fallout 3. What stops me is the number of issues people complain about. I've also read that unlike Oblivion and Fallout 3 with BS installed, once you finish the main quest of New Vegas, the game ends for good.

    I am also close to finishing the new Donkey Kong Country. Starting from world 6 it's quite challenging and there are some levels (like the barrel ride in the world 8th) which take 30-40 tries to finish. I am currently somewhere around 8-6 and will probably finish the game soon (or not if I'll buy New Vegas).
  16. Completed New Vegas recently so I've moved on to Forza 3 again.

    I like the game but I find it to easy I'm debating weather or not to buy the "New" Gran turismo heard its amazing but doesn't have that many tracks on it :(

    also playing PES 2011 but I always play Pro Evo to death.
  17. You need to somehow get the internet. You are missing out on some great PES fun without it. Me and Chriss have been playing online 2V2 a lot and it is funny as hell. I managed to give away two penalty's and foul a lot for fun last night.

  18. Tbh I need to come to yours sometime to get patches for New Vegas, updates for Pes, Forza and some other games as well as handing your ass to you on Pro Evo as usual.
  19. I don't actually have my Xbox over here, and James still has my Xbox wireless thing. I will need that first. You should wait until I have got it and the January PES transfers pack is out before coming up here.
  20. It's got 27 unique tracks and plenty of variations. Full list here:


    Don't bother getting it if you're not into cars, it does get a bit long in the tooth in the late stages.