What Games Have You Bought Recently?

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  1. I'm interested in getting Deathloop. Your initial impression sounds good, I'm looking forward to grabbing it once it gets some kind of sale.
  2. I'll let you know when I get a bit further into it. I bought too many games and am struggling with a backlog at the moment. Kena is also very good, another game I just picked up.
  3. Mass Effect Legendary during the Steam Halloween Sale

    I’m sure I’ll replay these at some point. 1 and 2 are two of the best games ever made IMO.
  4. I was tempted, but $40 is still too much for a game I might never get to. I did get Horizon Zero Dawn Complete edition for like $16. It's a good game.
  5. Dead Cells, Star Wars KTOR, and Rogue Legacy all on switch. Started with Star Wars but I might respec my character. It’s fun though.

  6. I bought Horizon: Zero Dawn for about $16 and preordered Elden Ring on PC for $40 from CDkeys. Horizon: ZD supports 32:9 and looks pretty awesome on my new monitor.
  7. Subnautica Below Zero

    The original Subnautica was one of the best games I've ever played. Certainly the best indie game I've ever played. Hopefully this is just as good.
  8. Subnautica and the expansion are both on GamePass and from what I understand have widescreen support. I'm planning on giving them a try soon.
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    Control Ultimate Edition

    Looked Interesting for a $12 FPS. The PS5 reviews were pretty good.

    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Honestly, I figured this game to be a turd but the Steam "Overwhelming Positive" reviews convinced me to get it.

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    $24 is a decent price.
  10. If Microsoft participated in this thread, they'd add they purchased Activision/ Blizzard for $70 billion.
  11. I wouldn’t be mad at a new guitar hero.

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    I picked up Ghostrunner for $11 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla for around $17. Ghostrunner is pretty good but quite difficult. Expect MANY deaths in rapid succession but checkpoints are generous. I had no intention of getting another Assassin's Creed game, but finding it that cheap had me curious about the Viking storyline. Something weird is going on with the HDR like it has a drab filter over it sometimes. It is pretty fun to raid a little village of the enemy. Your crew blows their Viking horn and charges off the boat into a village to rob, destroy, and Fleece Johnson them.
  13. I am playing AC Valhalla at the moment as well, the raids is probably one of my favorite part, it reminds me of raids from the tv show "Vikings". I like how they set fire to the place too.
  14. Steam Lunar sale is on. Grabbed C&C Remaster for $6.99.
  15. Nice deals you got on those, I haven't played Disco Elysium myself, but hear great things about it.

    I recently got Dying Light 2 and trying to find time to play it. Only played about an hour so far which was a blast.
  16. I bought Sifu for PS5. Seems like a really awesome game so far. Terrific art style, great controls and game play, and quite tough. There are also a lot of nods to classic martial arts movies and fight scenes.

    Oldboy corridor fight:



  17. I was always sucker for the tycoon type games -- Snowtopia (no longer developed, RIP) was a fun homage to Ski Resort Tycoon.

    A good brainless Saturday kind of game.
  18. Stray is included with PS+ if you have either of the tiers above the standard version. It's a surprisingly beautiful game with fantastic animation. It runs quite well on PS5, but my understanding is the PC version needs quite a bit of optimization work currently. It seems to be a very good game beyond just being a cat simulator and does not just depend on the cute factor. The environments and design are excellent so far. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with either of the upgrade tiers of PS+.