What if PS4 Pro/XBX gimps PS4/XB1 game development?

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    What if the PS4 and the Xbone doesn't hold back the PS4 Pro & Xbox One X? Right now, the companies say that it'll be business as usual but what about the 3rd parties? The Pro and the X both pack a lot of punch and the developers may want to use that for extra details and effects. Here's a good example: Tekken 7.

    The PS4 runs at 864p 60fps and the XB1 runs at 720p 60fps. But the Pro runs at 1080p 60fps with a few extra effects added in and the X will probably be closer to the PC This is just one game, but could it be the start of a new trend?

    Some of those games shown at E3 look truly remarkable, unlike anything that I've seen on the current gen lineup. Is the PS4/XB1 going to lose Anthem's extra foliage density or Metro Exodus's crisp detail? Or will they just drop the res down to 720p to keep those extra details? I'm betting that a lot of them will take a res drop like Tekken 7.

    So, is anyone else upgrading besides me?
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    I already have a Pro output to an OLED. I'll buy an X if I like the games. I will see where things are with the X games versus a PC rebuild later this year.

    I've been watching available Pro and X footage and have been very impressed with Days Gone, Spider-Man, Anthem, and Forza 7. I might wait for reviews on Anthem, though. Got burned badly with ME: Andromeda.

    As far as base models holding them back, multiplayer games will be the biggest problem. Differing frame rates would give a huge advantage to players with upgraded models. That will probably keep some games at 30 fps that could have been 60 fps.
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    I was going to get a Pro last year, but then I thought that I'd wait till they worked the bugs out. Which they have. But now the X is coming up. And since the developers -- the ones who are talking (Monolith, Grinding Gear Games, MercurySteam, The Coalition, Studio Wildcard, Playful, and so on & so on) -- are raving about it, I'm throwing everything into the X. It could be a mistake, but that's a lot of developers behind it. :cool:

    Just remember, the side effect could be that neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One will be their target platform anymore. So people should be upgrading to at least one of the 4k machines. Even on a 1080p TV, you should still get the higher detail & framerates.