What keyboard do you use?

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  1. The Kinesis Advantage looks like the perfect keyboard. It's split and has mechanical keys. The only problem is that it's $250.
  2. I'm currently using a wireless KB because a) I don't game and b) my mom insists on keeping it in a pull out cubby hole thing so it's just easier to go wireless. My rechargables didn't work in this thing for chit, but these cheapy alkalines have been good for MONTHS. I may not be using those rechargables right though... they pretty much suck on everything else too.

    Anyway I'm not very demanding of my KB, I usually just go for the plainest one I can find... though I do LOVE mini-KBs, I got small hands :). So uh I'd go for the X4, unless I felt I could use all the bells and whistles, than I'd do the eSPORTS :) that one looks so cool! I'd read up on a review or two first though.
  3. Get an old Microsoft Natural Pro off of ebay. Modern keyboards suck balls, with the exception of the uber expensive mechanical ones like the Das Keyboard.


    Best keyboard ever other than the IBM Model M.
  4. Don't like CLICKY!!!

    I like my keyboards to look like a cartoon.
  5. The MS Natural isn't a clicky keyboard. It uses membranes.

    Also, don't get the MS Natural 4000 (the newer one). It's a piece of crap that's not built to the same standard. The spacebar on it is particularly horrible.
  6. Boring.


    Not Boring!

  7. You want to re-enact flight of the navigator or something?
  8. That's more like tron. Flight of the navigator would be all chrome with a freaky eye looking at you and laughing.
  9. MS Sidewinder X4. It was damn cheap and lights up nicely, but the key layout is a bit strange to me. Everything is offset to the right and a little more bunched up to fit in the macro keys on the right (which I don't use). I very often hit caps lock while typing instead of A and hit the macro key on the bottom instead of ctrl. I think I just find my way by knowing where the edge of the keyboard is, which is now about an extra key over to the left... I thought I would get used to it, but I'm not. :(

    I may get something a bit more quality in a while (the quality is pretty good for the $30 I payed however!), probably not illuminated as key response sucks on most of them. It's a shame because there are plenty of times that the illumation is actually useful... not for late night pathetic self loathing weird porn sessions... something... else, I sware.
  10. No this is more like TRON.


    And I don't remember how to embed youtube.
  11. Illuminated keyboards are tacky. Same thing with window cases with lights.
  12. Au contrair, mon ami. I find it quite useful.
  13. I agree, but do find illuminated keyboards somewhat useful. The key feedback compared to a quality keyboard from 10-15 years ago is crap though. There's too many crapy looking "gaming" products for PC, it's hard to find a stylish case that has all the feature you want for a reasonable price. I've found the case I want next, it's a Lian-Li, but it's $500 :( Crappy generic plastic case with 1000 different lights and a massive window shaped like a dragon or some shit is $50. I know I'm paying for quality but it seems hard to find stylish components for decent prices when the market is flooded with sci-fi themed cheap crap - as if that's the only thing people are demanding or something.
  14. I'm a big fan of the Antec P180/190 series. They have enthusiast features and clean looks for a sub $200 price.


    As keyboards go, it's like you said, they just don't make them like they used to 10+ years ago. I'm still using a keyboard from 1999. I've bought newer keyboards and they all sucked. I always end up going back to my MS Natural Pro. Newer keyboards have mushy keystrokes with no feedback and feel cheap and flimsy. If this thing dies, I'll probably just pick up an IBM Model M or another 1990s era MS Natural from ebay.
  15. Any reasonably priced new mechanical keyboards around yet? They all seem to be over $100 here, crazy expensive.

    As for cases, Antecs are okay, I've had one in the past. But I don't want anything that plastic anymore. I'd just buy something like this:


    But I'd prefer larger fans for keeping things really quiet but still more than cool enough. Ugly cases all have huge ass fans, but they're ugly. The Corsair Obsidian is nice and clean, but has a stupid window and is a bit long for what I want (sick of cases that stick out from under my desk). Which is exactly why I want this,

    More height less depth, fits under my desk perfectly! But the cost!

    If I were building a new PC I'd get an mATX mobo (ASUS actually makes good ones now) and a smaller PSU and a silverstone TJ08-E,

    Awesome little case. Wish I could justify building a whole new PC so I could go that direction, so sick of my Cosmos S because it's so open = loud, hard to clean the mesh, and frankly it's pretty ugly.

    That's enough OT rant about cases maybe... ;)
  16. Somebody needs to make a split mechanical that doesn't cost a fortune. After using the natural for so long, it's hard for me to go back to a straight keyboard. And split keyboards help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by forcing your wrists into the proper position.
  17. That is the coolest keyboard I've ever seen in my life.