What keyboard do you use?

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  1. You guys really can't be this dense. Remove all of the crap between watch? and v in the youtube addresses and the tags work.
  2. Just click the big share button on you tube and it gives you the correct url to copy.
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    this needs to be a popup for nubs

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  4. For some reason it wasn't working when I typed it by hand. Highlighting it seems to work. And yes I'm a nub.
  5. My MS Natural Pro is pretty worn out after twelve years. I'm thinking of getting a mechanical clicky keyboard to replace it. I'm looking mostly at the Das Keyboard and the Unicomp Customizer, which is basically just an IBM Model M with USB. Does anyone have experience with either of these?

    I used the Model M years ago and always liked it, but I'm not sure if the Unicomp is built to the same standard. They claim the design is virtually identical, and they acquired the rights to produce the Model M from IBM and Lexmark. I have no experience with the Das Keyboard, which makes me a bit hesitant.

    The Das is cherry MX blue and the customizer is buckling spring.
  6. I had the Corsair Vengeance K90 for a few weeks but ultimately I decided the mechanical clicky was too much noise for where my PC is at. It was the best looking keyboard I'd ever had though.

  7. Yeah, I think I'm just going to go with the Unicomp Model M because it's made in the US, and pretty much identical to the IBM model M, which I've used before, so I know what to expect.
  8. That is one ugly keyboard
  9. The Unicomp is indeed ass ugly. It's one of the main reasons I haven't completely ruled out the Das Keyboard.
  10. I've been using the TT eSport Challenger Ultimate. I'm very happy with it.

  11. Is that a fan to stop it from catching fire?
  12. You know it. It's hot.
  13. Holy bleem, it is actually a hand cooling fan...
  14. This is bfun replying to my jog dial comment at the beginning of the thread.. while he uses a keyboard with a hand fan.. wow.
  15. I can remove the fan but your dial will always look stupid. But I do like the fan. I never realized how close my hands were to bursting into flame. Now it's not an issue.
  16. I ordered a Unicomp Model M. It will be here Friday. Maybe I'll do a mini review. I'm curious how it compares to the old IBM/Lexmark Model Ms I've used. Most of the reviews I've read say the quality is exactly the same.

    I tried a few of the Cherry MX based keyboards in CompUSA/TigerDirect and they really don't measure up. Cheap Chinese knockoff crap, not to mention very overpriced. The keys felt wobbly and flimsy. It speaks volumes about the sad state of modern keyboards that those are considered good.

    In fact, I'm tempted to cross the Das Keyboard off my list even though I haven't tried it specifically. That's how unimpressed I was with the quality of Cherry MX. I think all of the kiddies raving about these Cherry MX based "gaming" keyboards just weren't alive back in the 80s and 90s when keyboards didn't suck.
  17. £80 for a keyboard? Not worth it.
  18. It equates to £48 actually. Not sure where you got 80 from. Or did you forget to convert?

    Looking on the Amazon UK website, it's in the same ballbark as most of the cheap logitechs, but it's way better quality.



    Those are £42 and £54 respectively, and they look like crap compared to a Model M.

    Here's what £99 gets you, and again, it's cheap plastic-y crap.


    Will take the cheaper, but less fancy and better made Model M over that any day.
  19. I got a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 for my second PC. It’s okay. The resistance on the keys is a bit more than I like. I’m still very happy with my eSport Challenger Ultimate.