What movie should I see?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. You like bad boys or not? And no, that is is not a double entendre.
  2. Never saw the first one. Saw parts of the second one and it seemed really dumb.
  3. I you do indeed like some films, damn good films too. I guess you feel towards Michael Bay films the same way I feel towards things like The Hangover.
  4. I have to agree with cmdrmonkey on this one, Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 are rubbish.
  5. I bought the tickets for Transformers something something dark side.
  6. You watching it in 3D?
  7. Hell no.
  8. Why the hell not?
  9. It's much better in 3D! Plus me and mate somehow managed to sneak the 3D glasses out. They must be expensive if they want them back after the film.
  10. I've not been to a cinema that asks for the glasses back lol. We buy them for a pound each and take them away to bring with us next time. The empire cinema also sells premium 3D glasses for £9. I can't see how they can be better since the £1 ones do the job fine. They're a bit square though, the premium ones are slightly better looking, not £8 better looking though. I know a lot of people hate wearing the glasses but honestly, 95% of the time I forget I'm wearing them. I can't wrap my head around the fact that some people don't think 3D is better when it clearly is. It's like saying HD is no better than SD, it just is! I've always made sure I sit directly in line with the centre of the screen to get the best effect as I've heard sitting too much to one side can lessen the 3D effect, maybe these people who don't like 3D were all sitting at the far side of the cinema, who knows?

    If I'm given the choice of seeing anything in 3D, I'll take it. I love it.
  11. 3D costs twice as much as 2D and it doesn't work on me since I have a lazy eye.

    OFC I'd only had the chance to see one movie in 3D.. if I had the chance I might try another some time. But like the 3DS, the effect just doesn't work on me very much if at all :/
  12. 3D is a shitty gimmick that is typically used by crappy films to disguise the fact they are crappy films.

    They're nowhere near as bright or as colourful and if the 3D is bad, (like Clash of the Titans), then the entire movie falls into an even bigger mess.

    Subtle use of 3D can be beneficial. I think Avatar is probably the only movie that I've seen that I can say definitely needed the 3D; it was a spectacle or a ride that needed that little extra to enhance it. But I can't think of anything else that I can really needs 3D to tell the story..
  13. This.

    I also think 3D is used as a way to get people back into theaters in an age when people mostly watch movies at home. Theaters have lost most of their appeal and relevance when people have gigantic HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, Netflix, and super fast internet connections that can download movies in minutes. A lot of the theaters in my area have closed.
  14. I heard Tron was a good one.
  15. Yes, Tron and Avatar were both good in 3D. Everything else I've seen, it was just a gimmick or didn't add anything to the experience.
  16. I think I saw the new Pirates film in 3D. It was...special.
  17. From what I have read Transformers 3 is one of the few films that works in 3D and so is worth paying the extra £2 for.
  18. Gona see another movie tonight. What should it be???
  19. Tommy Wiseau's The Room
  20. The Human Centipede