What movie should I see?

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  1. Something that is still in theaters you hairless gofers.
  2. Just bought my tickets for the Harry Potter movie. :D
  3. Harry Potter is for fags.

    Sorry monkey, beat you to it. Seriously though I saw the first two having not read to the books and found they were better than I was expecting.
  4. @bfun

    Did you remember to get a ticket for your boyfriend?
  5. Yeah, he got me my ticket last night.

    This last one should be hot. The last few have been very dark with some epic scenes. Me and bfun should have alot of holding hands moments during the movie.
  6. I melted into the body that pinned me to the wall. The lips attacked my neck. I moaned against my will. I could let this happen but oh god I wanted it. The pale hands ran down my sides to clutch at my hips. A knee slid between my legs. I was panting and groaning without thought of who might be lurking around the corner. I didn’t care because the truth is that I want this. I need this. It’s like a drug. I always say that I won’t let it happen again but I always meet him. I always push him away only to drag him back. I know that he would stop if I told him to and really meant it but I can’t. I won’t because somewhere along this road of passion and lust I fell in love. That’s right. I, Harry Potter, am in love with Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince and general bastard. Only, he isn’t really. He’s gentle, tender. If I didn’t know better I’d call him loving. But no. This love is one-sided. I can never hope of his love. I’ll never dare.


    I pin him against the wall. He pretends to struggle for a bit but he soon melts into the embrace. It’s a little game he likes to play. He pretends he doesn’t want it but I leave it up to him to come to me. This will only continue for as long as he wants it. I leave his lips and move down to suckle at his neck. By now I have learned all of his nuances. I know how to play him like a finely tuned instrument. I become intoxicated with his sent and move my hands down his side to grasp his hips tightly. It will probably leave bruises but I’m not worried about that right now. I slid me knee between his legs and he groans in a most delicious fashion. I’m panting against his neck. I can’t get enough of him. I take what I can but am always left wanting him more than I did before. He’s like a drug and I am a junkie. I want to do more than fuck him. I want to love him. But I can’t so I’ll take what I can and be happy that I get this much. It’s really more than I deserve but I can’t help but want more. I can’t help that I love him. A Malfoy never love anyone let alone .Potter. But I do. God help me I do.


    Ron and Hermione stopped in their tracks. In front of them pressed into the wall was their best friend. He was snogging furiously with another boy. None of that necessarily shocked them. What had Hermione gasping and Ron turning red was the boy Harry was snogging with. Draco Malfoy had their friend pressed against the wall and the two boys were grinding into each other. With a roar Ron grabbed Malfoy by the back of his robes and flung him away from Harry. The two startled boys looked at the fuming red head with wide eyes.

    “Ron,” Harry stuttered out.

    “What is going on Harry? Why are you snogging Malfoy?” Ron bellowed in a confused and hurt voice.

    “I would think that would be obvious by know. Really, Weasel, didn’t your parents teach you anything?” came the sarcastic voice of Draco Malfoy.

    “Draco,” Harry moan in frustration.

    “Draco? Draco, Harry? Since when is he Draco?”

    There was no answer for a tense moment, and then Harry shifted nervously and answered, “Since I found out how much I want him. Since I realized how much he wanted me. Since… since I realized that I loved him.”

    Hermione who until then had remained unnoticed gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth. She has suspicions that something was going on between the two of them but she would never have guessed that I went this far. She figured that all those years of fighting had lead to a little sexual tension between the two.

    Draco ignored the brunette girl. He had eyes only of Harry. He stood up slowly and approached Harry silently. When the emerald-eyed boy looked at him again Draco captured the lips.

    “Do you mean it? Do you really love me?”

    Harry nodded meekly and whispered, “Yes.”

    Draco wordlessly kissed the boy until the need for air became overwhelming and they were forced to break apart. “Good.”
  7. I have a ticket for Harry Potter; however I am only going because I hear the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is attached to it. As soon as that is over I'm getting up and leaving. Two of my friends are taking their girlfriends to see it at the same time and apparently they will applaud me out of the theatre...

    I've never seen any of the HP movies and I intend to keep it that way.
  8. I'm taking the day off of work to see it! *giddy*
  9. Why not just use the internet to see the trailer? It'll probably be leaked on the net sometime after. Unless you balling and got the cash reserves to pay the obnoxious prices of a movie ticket nowadays. If that's the case, I envy you.
  10. I would never pay damn near a tenner to see a trailer that'll be on the internet soon enough. Might as well get your money's worth!
  11. At least sneak into another theater and see something else. Horrible Bosses looks like it might be decent.
  12. Well I'm led to believe it's going to have some kind of timed exclusivity on the front of Harry Potter which is why I'm going to do it. And I'll not be wasting any money, Odeon are great at dealing with complaints; i'll just tell them the place is freezing or too hot and not only get my money back but two free seats. I'm feeling the need to be a bit of a dick with all the crap going on in my life right now and that seems like an ideal opportunity to vent my frustrations AND get something for nothing.
  13. You should ziplock a dog turd and throw it at the screen.
  14. lol douche on than :/
  15. Don't take the turd out of the bag. The look on someone's face when they catch it will be priceless.
  16. The first few Harry Potter movies were nothing special but the last 2 or 3 have been quite good. Want to see the last one but at the same time I am too cheap to pay for it so I will wait for it to appear on Sky Movies.
  17. The first one was the best. The rest were just good.
  18. They're decent films but always a bit lacking I reckons. Think Goblet of Fire was the last I saw.
  19. I've never managed to stay awake or stay in the room through an entire Harry Potter movie. Not only are they really lame and gay, they're also boring.