What Podcasts are you subscribed to?

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  1. I wasn't sure which section to post this thread so here seems as good a place as any.

    The title says it all really. I got my ipod (80gb) for my birthday about 3 years ago now and have only found a handful of podcasts that I'm interested in. I find it hard to wade through all the crap to find a gem so hopefully we can introduce each other to new ones.

    I started with the Best of Chris Moyles Podcast Enhanced, usually ok for a giggle every now and then.

    I also started receiving the Johnathan Ross podcast which was an inexpensive source of much hilarity but sadly they've stopped due to Mr Ross leaving the beeb. I thought the last 'cast would be awesome but it featured a large chunk of possibly the most annoying duo in the world, Jedward. Still worth getting hold of some episodes though.

    About 2-3 months ago I happened upon the Jay and Silent Bob get old podcast which is basically Jay and Kevin just talking and telling stories from their past. The first 7 or 8 'casts are basically telling the story of Mewes' drug problems over the years and is quite a harrowing and sombre tale but after that they start lightening up and being funny. They also started audience participation at the end of their shows just for fun. I think this has been one of the most popular podcasts in recent times so worth checking it out.

    My first video podcast was the best of youtube podcast. Every week they bring you awesome/funny/unbelievable/impressive/educational/sweet videos from youtube one at a time. Some of the stuff I've seen has to be seen to be believed!

    And the final one I have is the Carpool with Robert Llewellyn. Basically the same as the tv version, some are funny, some are educational and some are a bit boring to be honest but it was the best video podcast I could find after about an hour of looking for a decent one. If you don't know who Robert Llewellyn is, hang your head in shame. He played Kryten in Red Dwarf.

    Anyone else have these or other good 'casts they can recommend?
  2. i only subscribe to hamish and andy, an australian radio show which is 10 times funnier than anything on in the uk. They have great chemistry together.
  3. Chris Moyles podcast? Jebus. You want to knock that on the head.
  4. You should have heard it one of the times they had Alan Carr on. I tried not to smile when they changed his voice and he pretended to rob a bank but I just couldn't help it. I think I actually lol'd.
  5. Alan Carr? Chris Moyles? In close proximity? I'm surprised the universe didn't collapse into a shit flavoured blackhole.
  6. Yeah you'd think so but there was some comedy to be had. More of a Ken Bruce fan are ya?
  7. I like "This American Life". It's an NPR thing.
  8. Podcasts are for fags.
  9. lol at my post being deleted.
  10. Chris Moyeles? FFS, I'd have more fun listening to a doctor tell me I was going to lose my left nut from cancer than listening to that obnoxious fat twat.
  11. I like Stewart Lee's take on Chris Moyles:

    His show was a little hit and miss but he was right on the money a lot of the time.
  12. Sorry, for a moment there I thought this was the "what podcasts are you subscribed to?" thread. Not the "Your podcasts are shit" thread. I couldn't care less about what you think of Chris Moyles, I was just wondering which, if any, podcasts you are subscribed to. There's no need to be a troll and an asshat about it. Why not contribute to a thread with something positive to say, for once.
  13. I am above the law.
  14. Fair point :)
  15. Did monkey say podcasts are gay and you pointed him to the forum rules? I think that's what is missing here
  16. Everyone should stick to the rules to be honest, otherwise they are pointless. Especially the people who keep saying about the rules.
  17. Everyone Gould check out hamish and andy if they like a laugh, I've had more chortles an episode than in a week's worth of anything else.
  18. They're okay sometimes but I get over them after a while. Never listened to them on radio since I avoid commercial radio. They are on tv here quite a bit in different ways. Hamish is frequently appearing as a guest on just about any comedy quiz show ever made. Yes, I said comedy quiz show, they're somewhat big over here.
  19. I only get round to listening to podcasts every so often so they're good for entertainment. I never listen to the radio either. It's either music of podcasts on my ipod.