What\'s your number 1 favourite game of all time?

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  1. Mine is Final Fantasy X. I bought this game at the beginning of summer 2002. Me and a mate had a week off work and he'd never played a Final Fantasy game before. We clocked up 55 hours in 5 days and got to the final boss, although we were nowhere near hard enough to beat him lol.

    There's many reasons this is my faveourite game of all time. The story is simply amazing. We really felt for the characters and liked all of them, which is strange for a Final Fantasy game. We were 17 at the time and Tidus and Yuna were also 17 in the game so I guess there was some small amount of sympathy on that front.

    I personally think the battle system in this game is perfect. It's turn based as opposed to the usual time/turn based style they usually have. This allowed you to to literally plan several steps ahead for real strategy in the battles. I liked the way each character had a speicalty against certain types of enmies (Lulu for enemies weak to magic, Wakka for flying enemies, Auron for armoured enemies etc). There was so much to do apart form the main story too. Hunting the dark aeons down and then being hard enough to defeat them was a monumental challenge in itself, one I never actually finished even 4 years after I got the game. I like blitzball too. It's my second favourite FF minigame after Triple Triad from FFVIII. The depth was amazing, being able to scout players from around the world. Finding cool people to join your squad and trying to get those players to learn all the special moves. Multiple seasons to play through, tournaments... awesome. Getting the ultimate weapons was a large task and fun too! Everytime I hear the main theme "To Zanarkand" I almost start welling up because it not only reminds me of the game but also the time around the game. That week we had off was possibly the best week we ever had. My mate had just passed his driving test, we had copious amounts of Fosters and Strongbow in the fridge, there was blazing sunshine all week and we had a barbecue every day. Good times indeed.

    What's your all time faveourite and why?
  2. Though one, i dont think i can really name just one. If i have to choose anyway, that would be Half Life 1, okaj, MGS1 is as equally good, but Half Life 1's style (headcraps!) would take me over to that game.

    For multiplayer, that would be Battlefield 2, 4000 hours of fun, really worth the money.

  3. That's the funniest mis-spelling of a word I've ever seen on PVCF! lolz

    I hate to correct you but I think you meant headcrabs. Headcraps is just too funny, thanks :)
  4. Haha lol yea headcrabs offcourse, hell :lol:
  5. A good question. It is a toss up between Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and Skies of Arcadia.
  6. Vinnie the Vole's Existential Nightmare
  7. If I am to pick just one game then it would probably be Oblivion.

    I've spent almost 90 hours with it but still plan to play more. And although Daggerfall kept me for 200+ hours and Morrowind close to 50, Oblivion is my choice. It's the most engaging game I've ever played, with almost complete world I could just move to even tomorrow. I hope Skyrim will be even better.

    Just after Oblivion there would be a tie between Super Metroid/Metroid Prime/Thief.
  8. Freespace 2

    Everything about this game was epic. It was one of the only legitimate 10/10s I've played.
  9. Battlefield 1942. Nothing has ever matched it. BF2 came close.
  10. I still can't fathom how large Daggerfall acutally was, it's game area was something like 250,000 square kilometres. But I agree Oblivion has to be one of, if not the, greatest game ever.
  11. Come November there's a very good chance I will have a brand new favourite game of all time for the first time in almost a decade in the form of Skyrim, can't wait.
  12. Agreed. I just hope it appeases our expectations.
  13. I don't remember it having fast travel either.
  14. Hmmm, I think I would have to pick Ultima VI. I had never played a proper RPG before, nor a game that had an open world like that. Huge impact on me at the time.
  15. Actually, it had and without it the game would not have much sense. You could travel on-foot, however the environment outside was very poorly designed.

    You were fast traveling by invoking your map and selecting/finding a location. Then you were asked a question how you'd like to travel, carelessly/cautiously, afoot/using ships, as fast as possible/approach the destination in daylight only.
  16. CounterStrike is the only game where my playtime measures in weeks, if not months. It's disgusting, and I can't say I even like the game, but I play it anyway...
  17. Counter-strike is one of those games that's designed to be addictive, like WoW. I think it's the way you have to wait out the round after you've been shot. You're always planning what your next move will be when the next round starts. I've been playing it off and on since 2001. I still think it's the most balanced online shooter I've played. Forget killstreaks and perks and all the shit they've added to Call of Duty and it's clones. CS is all about skill.
  18. Indeed. Without fast travel I would have probably got pissed off with the game after all that travelling.
  19. Silent Hill on Bleem! Freekiest shiznit ever! since Bleem! can't emulate it right and dismembered heads regularly come out of the fog... than they start to talk. That crap is freakin crazy!!
  20. My all time favorit must still be Final Fantasy VII.
    Storyline and combat wise. Pants down the best in my eyes.