What supermarket are you?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by chi, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Blind Date style, "If you were a supermarket, what supermarket would you be?"

    So far we have:

    grim = Iceland.
    bfun = Walmart
    chi = Tesco
    L.A.D. = Costco
    monsly = ASDA
    Hellripper = Aldi.
  2. monsly = Waitrose. Classy.
    chi = Tesco. Quantity over quality.
    L.A.D = Costco. Just because.

  3. The hell is Costco? some some of swanky American shop?
  4. Swanky is pretty close.
  5. I've never heard of Costco either, what is it?
  6. I thinks it's some kind of fruit.
  7. Costco is a wholesalers (think its American) kind of like Makro. We have a big one round here, you can get some good prices but you need to be a member.
  8. Sounds good to me, I used to love makro, I'd go there when I was a kid and buy boxes of sweets and sell them in school for a tidy profit, sounds like my kind of shop. I'm proud to be considered as a Costco :p
  9. So you sell sweets to children for profit eh?
  10. When I was also a child yes, although I must admit there was this one teacher that always wanted my sweeties, I always thought he was just being nice...
  11. I like to think of myself as Wegmans. But I'm probably closer to SamsClub.
  12. I think chi is a 7-11.

    I'm probably a K-Mart.
  13. 7-11? aren't they more like newsagents?
  14. lol, this thread is doomed to fail. in the US, people in different states don't even have the same supermarkets. no one's gonna know who's talking about what.
  15. It's a 24 hour convince store that sells Slurpee's and hot dogs.
  16. Why am I a 7-11 again?
  17. I don’t know. Why would you not be a 7-eleven? Khaid’s right. This games makes no sense to us.
  18. It's all based on the quality of the supermarkets in question and the supposed quality of the member.

    Over here, Waitrose is your quality supermarket, tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA are your run of the mill common supermarkets that are everywhere, the CO-OP is everybody's supermarket, bottom of the list are Aldi and Lidl, questionable places where things are cheap.

    I said grim was Iceland. Only mums go to Iceland.
  19. I thought Iceland was a country
  20. It's also the name of a supermarket that sells cheap frozen food here.