What to look for in an Android Phone?

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  1. So my wife wrecked another Galaxy S3 (I'm pretty sure the camera thing was actually a result of her dropping her phone), this time through water damage. She left it on a wet counter while taking a shower. Now it has no sound of any kind and the microphone doesn't work. The thing is, she apparently didn't even think twice about it being wet. She left the battery in it for like a day after that, so I'm pretty sure it's ruined. I doubt the bag of rice trick can save it now because that usually only works if you immediately pull the power from the phone after it gets wets. The other problem is that the water damage indicator stickers turned red. I'm thinking of painting them white again with some whiteout or white paint, and taking the phone to an AT&T repair center and just playing dumb. There are two indicators that I can see, one by the battery slot and one on the battery itself. Will they have any other way of knowing what happened? Will they even care?

    She needs to get some better protection for her phone, but she refuses to get an otterbox or anything half-way decent because they're "ugly." For the record, she also ruined the home button on her old iPhone because she dropped it too many times or something.

    She's very rough on phones, and that flimsy plastic back on the Galaxy S3 isn't helping things. This is two phones in a row that I'm pretty sure were wrecked in either case because the back is too flimsy. Why didn't they use metal like on the Galaxy S1?
  2. My wife has an Otterbox on her iPhone and I think it's ugly but I wont say that since it's probably saved the phone a few times already. I could never use one because I keep my phone in my pocket. I just have a gel type sleeve and a screen protector.

    If she keeps breaking her phone get her one of these.

  3. My wife managed to crack the front glass of her iPad the other week. It's only around the home button (so far). We should ban them from owning these devices I reckon, things are getting out of hand.
  4. Do all apps in the background drain the battery? For example if I switch from Angry Birds to my home screen is Angry Birds still running in the background draining my battery?
  5. no. It just saves the state until you have the app in the foreground again
  6. So my battery on my phone has been draining kind of fast lately. I was looking at the battery usage of my system and Google Apps is the highest battery user at 26%. It includes

    Google Services Framework
    Google Play service
    Network Location
    Google Bookmarks Sync
    Google Account Manager
    Google Contact Sync

    I've turned off the location service. But is there anything else I should do?
  7. Unfortunately that's the nature of android. :( Android lets background data go all out for whatever app calls for it so all of that syncing is done in the background when your phone is idle. So your best bet is to turn off background data if/when you don't need it or just turn off mobile data.

    How bad is the drain? On average, during my work shift ~9hrs off charger, my galaxy s II would drop down to about 50-60% on an 1800mah battery and I'd estimate there's about 1 hr of screen on time in there.

    My Galaxy Note II fares much better on its huge stock 3100mah battery. I'd be at 85% battery in that same period.
  8. I received my nexus 4 today. Cyanogenmoded it and put all my current apps on it. Just need to actually transfer my number to a micro SIM.
  9. Why would you Cyanogen mod a new phone with the latest OS?
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    stock Android is pretty lacking in features/options/toggles. this is one of the reasons why I skip nexus devices.
  11. Hmmm. I though you said you didn't like the other bloated versions of Android with the vendor apps. Maybe it was someone else.
  12. That was possibly, cmdr. I usually stick with stock oem rom while rooted. Samsung has a lot of useful features in the new versions of Touchwiz (post original Galaxy S). Their UI design is horrible though. I use Nova Launcher with custom icons.
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    I'm not really sure, I just wanted to cut the number of Home screens down to three. I might go back to stock since there isn't really anything extra I need. I just need root access and that's about it. The touch to unlock mod is quite tempting tough