What TV Shows Are You Watching?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. They talk super fast and keep saying "SQUEEZE ON!" which I guess is one of the guy's names.
  2. Iron Chef America is what I watch. The Chairman is much better.

  3. The new Chairman needs more ornate outfits. If you don't look like Michael Jackson or Liberace, you're doing it wrong.
  4. I've recently been watching Michel's good service but my regulars are Top Gear and Hustle.

    I do enjoy Silent Witness as well but I never seem to catch it when it's on.
  5. Detective shows are starting to bore me now, especially Silent Witness, I just cannot get in to it. Midsummer Murders is ending soon too I hear.
  6. Well, the only detectivey programming watch is silent witness. That does mentor serious whodunits whilst Hustle is just light hearted, magic trick fun
  7. Oh Hustle is awesome I know that. I have not seen any of the new series though, but I did hear the black dude who was the leader in the first few seasons is back in it, along with that Deano who used to be in Eastenders?
  8. Yeah, deano's been in for a few series now, I think. I watch on and off again so I didn't realise the black guy had left. The blonde girl did jar a bit when she first came in but she's ok now.

    Oh yeah, I watched Any Human Heart on ITV, was pretty good, although my favourite one off drama has to be Shooting the Past by Stephen Poliakoff. It's a beautiful piece of work.
  9. indeed, i can keep going back and watch all of his 90's flicks.
  10. I actually took the time to sit down and watch an episode of Being Human last night and I quite enjoyed it. Now I have to decide whether or not to bother going out of my way to see series 1 and 2 as the one I saw last night was the second in series 3.

    In the past when I have seen bits I never really got into it but last nights one was pretty good I think Well it could have been good or it could have been due to the fact that everything else that was on was so terrible it made it seem better.

    I will have a look on iPlayer later to see if you can watch the first 2 series, I did have a look on iPlayer via cable last night but on demand via VM has been rubbish for the past couple of years compared to when it started.
  11. I always thought Being Human sounded interesting, but I can't shake the main guy's image of homo midshipman frame from doctor who/torchwood. Also, his ears annoy me.
  12. That's also who I see whenever I see him in anything now.

    I don't see the point of the ghost woman in the show as she can't really do anything from what I understand but the Vampires and Werewolves should make it interesting.

    Just had a quick look on iPlayer and it seems you can only catch up with this. Probably not interested enough to buy the DVD's so doubt I will bother going out of my way to see the first 2 series now.
  13. The Ghost is only there for us men to look at. I watched the first season a while back and it was okay. Not much action to be honest but it is okay to pass the time.

    Any of you gays still watch the 4 soaps?
  14. The 4 soaps? Never heard of it?

    Do you mean Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Eastenders and Hollyoaks? If you do I suspect you already know the answer you big girl.
  15. Is that the one where a werewolf and a vampire are roommates trying to make it in the big city? That looked hilariously awful.
  16. Not sure that is quite the plot. From what I gather its a vampire, werewolf and a ghost who share a house and are pretty much trying to lead normal lives which of course doesn't happen with others like them around.

    The episode I caught last night was OK but when I have tried to watch it in the past I have turned it off pretty soon after. I said before that it could have been the lack of anything else to watch that made last nights episode seem decent.
  17. From what I gathered it was that, and also about some Vampire gang or organisation doing something for some reason that I did not care about. Another pointless series is that Primeval. Another show that could have been great if ITV did not touch it.
  18. Primeval looks like a show thought up by a 5 year old and it looks like they got people of the same age group to do the CGI work.

    Doesn't it have the one with the round head from S Club 7 in it?
  19. Yeah the little blonde one. She is quite fit though, but other than that it's some cheesy bollocks. To be honest, only America can make awesome Supernatural and that sort of programme.
  20. What's Supernatural?