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  1. I just watched the finale of The Expanse and thought it was one of the best episodes in recent years. It was a satisfying conclusion for the characters and left plenty of room for spin-offs and additional exploration down the road. I was worried they had too much to tie up in a short season, but I’m now pleased with the choices made and the array of possibilities for the future. Even if this is the absolute last episode of the franchise, which I doubt and hope isn’t, it’s still a pretty satisfying ending if the open storylines are left to the viewers’ imaginations.
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    Did you notice the Easter eggs in the roster for the assault teams? C. Shepard, E. Ripley, G. Ackbar, ect.
    Lots of great characters from Aliens, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Terminator, and other iconic sci-fi legends fighting alongside Bobbie Draper and Amos Burton. Even "D. Idaho" from Dune made it in there.
  3. Season 1 of Cobra Kai. The writing feels something like a Hallmark Channel special or a 90s sitcom, but it's pretty watchable.
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    Cobra Kai is goodbad. It's terrible but also great. It's a show about Car Dealer Karate versus Dirty Snake Stripmall Karate and how you are either a victim or a bully or a victim who becomes a bully. Good karate is when someone goes to the hospital. Truely excellent karate is when someone is injured so bad they have to learn how to walk and feel pain again. The writing and hairstyles are straight out of the 90s. I think it might be the most binge watchable thing on Netflix right now.


    I watched it on a shitty small TV in my bedroom. I missed that when I was watching it.
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    I've only started watching the first season recently, but I have to say I'm fascinated with the writing in Cobra Kai. It's corny on the surface but has a surprising amount of depth. Just the complexity of Johnny and Daniel not being the clear villain or hero and exploring an unexpected amount of nuance was very surprising to me. For example, the simple example of the bonsai tree from Mr. Miyagi throwing that in with a car sale left me completely disgusted and thinking he was a fraud sellout douche, which I'm sure was the idea, but later they came back to that topic and revealed it was something personal and special to him and suggested maybe they discontinue that practice if people are perceiving it as a cheap gimmick. He also visits Mr. Miyagi's grave and clearly thought about him often. Similarly, Johnny left a very poor initial impression of dysfunction but has developed and grown a lot within a few episodes. Again, he is also not quite what he seemed. It also handles the social justice garbage true to the way Johnny would view it, ignoring the activism nonsense and yelling at you to not to be such a pussy. LOL. It's nice that the writers give the characters obvious flaws and imperfections. I wouldn't have expected this movie from my childhood would result in such a successful series decades later, one written in a way that I'm finding it to be pretty enjoyable as an adult.
  6. The writers know exactly what they're doing with Cobra Kai. It's cheesy on the surface but actually surprisingly deep like you said.
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    Lost in Space on Netflix

    It's not particularly good but it is watchable. It clearly has a big budget, but looks wierdly low budget in parts. The robot is a good example of this. There are parts where they must have spent a fortune on effects to make the robot look cool, but other scenes where it's obviously just a guy in a robot constume. The characters aren't especially likeable. They made the husband a dope and the wife is an annoying nag who leaves Honey Do lists. The villain isn't so much menacing as she is a creepy wine aunt who smells peoples' hair and flips through their phones while they sleep. There's a lot of stuff that makes no sense too. They go from present day tech to having warp drive and being able to colonize other worlds in like a year or something. You have children who are doctors and engineers. Did they go to med school in kindergarten? It's just interesting enough and has enough action to be pretty watchable though despite being kinda dumb and mediocre.
  8. I haven't seen the 3rd and final season of Lost in Space yet. I've been watching it mainly out of fascination of how they were going to convert the extremely cheesy original show into a big budget sci-fi series and the fact that it looks and sounds pretty impressive on my home theater system. The robot on the original show makes the robots on Mystery Science Theater 3000 look technically impressive, so I have to admit to being impressed with how much they put into the special effects to make it look good most of the time. Co-existing at the same time as The Expanse probably didn't do this show any favors.
  9. LOL! This is just such a perfect description of this show. It's like, bad, meh, cringe, eh okay, not bad, that was actually kinda cool, all rolled into one. I am never in a rush to watch it but when I do it's watchable.
  10. Just started Peacekeeper last night. It’s ok. It feels like it’s trying very hard to be the edgelord of all the superhero shows. In a space already occupied by The Boys and Invincible it comes across more like “me too!”.

    Like a 14 year old incel with no phone is it’s primary target audience. But it’s alright.

  11. Finally finished the Witcher season 2. I'm glad the quality remained consistent. I also like the fact that they deviated from the books and game a little and as I'm never quite sure what will happen next. I'm guessing the one witch in season 2 replaced the storyline of the 3 hags from the game. That was one of many storylines that was probably too dark for Netflix.

  12. BoJack Horseman

    I started this because some say it's one of the best animated shows of all time. I'm up to episode 4 and it's meh but I've read it gets better in the second half of the season.
  13. Lost in Space improved and became more consistent in quality in seasons 2 and 3. I'd give it a 7/10 overall.
  14. I've watched the first two episodes of Peacemaker and it's rather good. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 94%. It's an action comedy about a C-team hero whose kind of dumb, sad and pathetic but redeemable. It's also has a good 80s glam metal sound track. So it's kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy but completely different.

  15. Murderville

    It's a crime drama comedy where each episode has a guest star that has no idea what the script is. Basically they took an improve show like, Who's Line is it Anyway, and made an entire series off of one sketch. If you like improve, the show is golden. If not, it's silly and a little funny.

  16. The quality of Murderville is all over the place depending on the guest star. They also have to solve the murder case in addition to being funny. I think the concept is interesting. Could probably be hilarious with better guests.
  17. It's based on murder in successville which had the same problem, it was funny occasionally but it wasn't great. Was on TV about 6 years ago in the UK.
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  18. I saw the first episode. Interesting concept. I’m skeptical about how unscripted it truly is. But some of the actors did break character and start laughing.

    Not sure about longevity. Will Arnett is fairly famous. Some of the Season 1 lineup equally or less famous than him lol.
  19. They should invite Trump Jr on the show and the running joke could be that no one can tell them a part.

  20. I watched the first ep before passing out. Seems alright, investigative sketch comedy. Could range from genius to utterly dumb.