What TV Shows Are You Watching?

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  1. First two seasons of Peaky Blinders. It's okay, but I probably wont watch any more of it.
  2. The first is the best IMO, 3 is OK but then it gets worse. I preferred the gritty feel of the first, before they had any real money. I did feel that Arthurs character shifted a lot between 1 and 2, but he is still the best character overall across all 5.

    I watched Alice in Borderlands, some of it made no sense at all and some of it was far too slow. At times I felt like Arisu was crying far too much but the games inbetween all of that were fun enough.
  3. I watched the Wednesday series recently. It was pretty good overall, but it had some weaker elements including pretty weak CGI and the unnecessary injection of feminist nonsense complaining about the patriarchy or "mansplaining."
  4. Barry

    If Dexter and Breaking Bad had a baby it might be Barry.
  5. Barry is really good. It works as both a dark comedy and an action show.
  6. The first episode of HBO's live action adaptation of The Last of Us was fantastic. I really hope they can maintain this level of quality throughout the season.
  7. Walking Dead also had a really strong first couple of episodes and it turned into garbage. I'll be impressed if they can maintain quality throughout. Walking Dead had major problems with filler episodes, poor writing, and inconsistently written characters.
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    I noticed there was an exceptional level of detail to relatively minor concerns most people wouldn't even notice. Unlike most of the recent adaptations from various sources, it seemed like the creators actually liked and respected the source materials (opposite of the writers of The Witcher series, for example, who apparently outright hated the original source material, part of the reason Cavill departed). There were also a few completely original tension building scenes that were very impressive, and I think it's going to be enjoyable to both fans of the game and people who have never heard of it. There were a few weird social justice elements such as unnecessarily race swapping characters, but it wasn't a major issue. They weren't shy about getting gritty savagely beating someone to death or even how rough, dirty, and dilapidated things became in the apocalyptic future. I had to do a double or triple take of the typically gorgeous Anna Torv wondering if that was actually her given how rough and worked over she looked, which is the type of thing I want to see given the setting and story of this series.

    The only outright dumb thing that irritated me was they don't wear gas masks around the mutated cordyceps, which would be a guaranteed death sentence obvious to anyone who knows how fungal spores operate, but I'm sure it won't bother most people and it's probably to avoid massive complications with reflections, lighting, makeup, hair, ect. constantly taking those on and off.

    I was pretty skeptical of this show and thought it had the potential to be a complete disaster, but the first episode was far from that.
  9. The Witcher: Blood Origin

    I binged all 4 episodes because I was up all night with the flu. It wasn't good. It was boring and only loosely based on anything Witcher. Don't recommend.


    Apparently this is the most hated TV show in America righty now. It was also one of the most watched animated series on HBO and is getting a second season. I'm not sure what to make of that. It's not that good, but it's also not awful.
  10. Letterkenny

    It's stupid but it's also hard to stop watching. I'm almost to season 3.

  11. omg episode 3
  12. At first I was like, oh great, Nick Offerman is typecast again, and then I was like, oh that's new.
  13. The Last of Us maintained a pretty high level of quality throughout the first season. The last two episodes have followed the game surprisingly close and did the excellent Part I justice.

    I'm not feeling as confident about moving into Part II, which may need to be broken into two seasons. Casting of Abby should be immensely entertaining. We shall see how natural that physique can be found in reality as per soyboy activists claimed. I think any actress taking this part would need more juice than a Dole plantation to look like the ridiculous video game character model. Regardless of the casting, hopefully they can handle this component of the story in a much better manner than the game. It was way too abrupt and needed much more character introduction and development. Hopefully Craig Mazin makes some adjustments and will do a much better job with this than ND.
  14. Maybe the Samoan woman who played Bobbi Draper on the Expanse? She’s around 6’ and pretty built. I would agree that women that tall and jacked are rare outliers in the real world.
  15. I might actually end up liking that. Thus, I hate your idea. Kidding.

    Frankie Adams is a bit taller than the Abby character, but the extra height might help make up for the fact that they're not going to find a roid monster that can also act and could help still make her look very physically imposing and intimidating, particularly to Ellie and Dina, who are normal female size. I don't know about how skilled Frankie Adams is with accents, but she would be one of the few viable options if they want to find someone who looks even remotely close to the physicality of the game character. That casting choice might even get a few extra diversity points with the woke cultists.
  16. Haven't played the game, but Katy M. O'Brian gets cast in intimidation roles and can do androgynous.

  17. Abby was a Frankenstein combination of the physique of this CrossFit roidbeast Colleen Fotsch:


    and head of the rather attractive visual effects artist Jocelyn Mettler:

    ...creating this monstrosity:


    They're not going to find any actress who actually looks like this, but Frankie Adams would be one of the few choices that could work if she has a decent American accent given she has played an impossible she-beast of a character already in The Expanse. It's about as close as they're going to get without injecting an actress with a few liters of bullshark growth hormone.


    She would also need to do some Trenbolone or Dianabol.
  18. She kinda buff.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Ah, I think I recognize her from Star Wars. I don't think I've seen her in anything else. She is more built than I expected.

    Odd trivia I discovered searching around on the webz for these people: Jocelyn Mettler went to college in Indiana and Katy O'Brian is from Indianapolis, a few miles away from me. Odd Indiana coincidences.
  20. CDC trolling us?