What's the Deal with Oakley Sunglasses

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  1. Why are they special or not special? Ever owned a pair?

    Two years ago I got a middle of the road pair of sunglasses and they have lasted so now I'm thinking I'll get a high end pair.
  2. Expensive sunglasses are a waste of money. You'll invariably end up crushing them in your pocket, sitting on them, or leaving them somewhere. I never pay more than $15 for sunglasses.
  3. I prefer Ray-bans. Much nicer than Oakley's.
  4. Not Oakleys. I've got two pairs of very expensive Titanium Romeos. The first pair I bought I got in 2002 and they're still like new despite the use and abuse they've received.


    The Romeo II's I got 2 years ago are also Titanium and they're still like new as well.


    Very very expensive sunglasses though. I paid £300 for the first pair and £329 for my last.

    I think you can't be too nice to your eyes and I can tell you now the out of all of the sunglasses I've tried out Oakleys by far have the best lenses. They guarantee some insane UV protection but wearing them you'd notice the difference. I think what I like the most about them is that I don't actually feel like I'm wearing glasses. If I put a cheaper pair of sunglasses on I know I'm wearing them because the lens colour bleeds into what you're seeing so nothing is the right colour. When I put my Oakleys on everything retains its natural colour; it's just like someone dimmed the sun. Honestly, I can't speak highly enough of them.
  5. Those are shexy!
  6. No sunglasses are worth £300. My Mum got some Police Sunglasses a while back for a couple of hundred, if they were solid gold I'd understand the asking price.
  7. Shit. $500 for sunglasses?

    I will sit at home until dark before I pay that price.
  8. Well what price do you put on your vision? Mine are worth it. It's not like I buy them as a fashion accesory; they're an essential piece of kit to stop be going blind early if you happen to be out.

    Seriously, I think a good pair of sunglasses is essential to everyone and should be mandatory for people in the car; boils my piss when I see people driving around blinded by the sun "BUY A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES YOU CHEAPSKATES"
  9. I though you guys only got 50 days of sun a year.

    I ordered these. They are plain and cheap which is my style. The pair of Sunclouds I have now are polarized and these Oakley aren't. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference.

  10. Koby Briant wears them
  11. The cheapo ones are fine for UVA/B protection. I've owned Oakleys and Ray Bans and they always ended up getting crushed or lost. Money down the drain.
  12. Oakleys are for people who like to waste money on outdated styles of overpriced sunglasses.

    I have a pair of black Ralph Lauren aviators. They were $9 at a TJ Maxx in New Hampshire.
  13. Or people who like to do things like not go blind or get dazzled by bright sun while driving; little things like that.

    Fashion specs...worth the $9 and no more
  14. lol. Over here it's called TK Maxx. Wonder why the initials are different.
  15. Are you saying that not all sunglasses are created equal? I started looking at sunglasses after reading this thread, and it's confusing as fuck. There seems to be UVA proof, UVA/B proof, and polarized.

    What the fuck is the meaning of all this?
  16. Polarized allows you to see through glare. They are popular with people who fish since it lets them see below the surface of the water. It also works on the road and allows you to see through people windshields better in the sunlight. On the downside it can block the LCD lights on some car stereos so you can't read the display.

    I will say this this. Almost every pair of <$15 sunglasses I have owned has had the tint wear off or discolor.
  17. It's all the same crap anyway. I bet the expensive sunglasses are made in the same factory in China as the cheapo ones and they just slap a different label on them.
  18. i hardcore that shit. i drive in blinding sunlight with no sunglasses and no a/c in 95F+ weather. the way real men do.
  19. So what about Serengeti, Ray-Ban, and Bollé? Superior optics?
  20. What about fuckin sharks with lazors???!