Whats your preference? LCD or AMOLED

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  1. Which do you prefer on your portable devices? LCD or AMOLED?

    I have the TabPro and TabS and I'm not sure which screen I prefer. Supposedly the TabS screen is near perfect but it still seems a bit saturated to me.
  2. i've been using super amoled screens for too long. i prefer the blacker blacks so yea
  3. AMOLED when done right with colour profile choices.

    I find it hard to switch back to an LCD for phones as whenever I use someone else's phone or try out one in a store I find it to be a second rate experience compared to what I'm used to. Even on the the newest of phones like iPhone 6+ and HTC One M8, LG G3.

    AMOLEDs allow for a far broader colour range, so yes they can definitely look over saturated. New Samsung phones offer what is equivalent to sRGB (what all but profesional/scientific desktop LCD's aim for) as well as professional Adobe RGB and other modes which compromise between the two. I'm not sure if new Motorola, MS/Nokia, and LG AMOLED phones have these same options, but with Samsung at least there is no reason to complain about over saturation since the S5 brought in a number of pretty accurately calibrated options.
  4. Quantum Dots for LCD will largely eliminate the advantage OLED has for color range, and it's cheaper to produce and more easily manufactured in volume.
  5. what do you know about quantum leaps
  6. I switch the screen mode on my Tab S from Adaptive to Basic and I'm liking the output a lot more.
  7. What do you know about blacker blacks?
  8. Aw, snap!
  9. Here's the actual color gamut differences between the OLED and LCD currently. White line is the complete visible spectrum.

    iPhone 6

    Galaxy Note 4