White Supremacists in Philly

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  1. White supremacists marched in Philly and in a shock only to them, got their ass beat. But this kind of thing has been on the rise since 2015/2016.

    It got me thinking about @alterego and @cmdrmonkey arguing about Islam. One of the subplots happened to be tolerating the interolerance of the religion.

    A few months ago I remember seeing on Reddit that a study found that if people are tolerant of the intolerance, the negative ideals will spread and outnumber the tolerant group.

    Interesting conundrum society has plunged into. Probably too serious for the current state of the forum, but I found it interesting.
  2. I’ve read a little about the tolerance/intolerance thing. I think you put it correctly. Any society must have limits to what it will tolerate. Else it will inevitably delve into basically fascist authoritarianism.

    If you tolerate a hate group like nazis or other terrorists, don’t be surprised when they try to do nazi shit. I guess you could say the same about anything.

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    I'm pretty sure I've been very consistent over the years in saying that tolerance and appeasement of inherently hateful and violent ideologies like Jihadist Islam and Nazism never works in the long run. These groups exploit your tolerance as a weakness and bring about authoritarianism leading to the end of tolerant society.

    I am 100% in favor of shooting terrorists and punching Nazis.

    Alterego seems to think I'm a bigot because I don't tolerate bigots.
  4. @cmdrmonkey Logical consistency is all well and good, but did you enthusiastically post on all major social media platforms about how racism is bad and has you literally shaking right now and had you projectile vomiting throughout the night because racism offends you more than anyone else in history? If not, you may need to be held accountable by the social justice tribunal...

  5. @supersonic There are only a handful of chapters of a lot of these stupid supremacist groups left contrary to what the corporate media would have their dwindling viewership believe. I think the Klan is down to like 20-something chapters. They used to have millions of members. Membership of these groups is in freefall decline. They are still boogeymen the media likes to pretend are around every corner and under every rock, but the reality is there are hardly any of these dumbfucks left. When they do show their face, they are not well received just as their recent harsh and well-deserved reality check in Philadelphia.
  6. That assessment of the Islam point is very wrongheaded I think. Do you think fundamental Christianity is tolerant? I would suspect not. Would you define all Christians using that model? Again, probably not. So it’s very stupid to define all Muslims by their extremes within their religion. Pretty sure that was at the heart of that debate.

    Your wider point is called the paradox of tolerance. Your country and mine seem to be at risk of slipping towards fascism in recent years and it’s worrying. You look at the bullshit around antifa. The mechanics behind its name and the ideology that pushes people to oppose it.

    For example, look at AKS here. In a thread about fascist marching, he chooses to attack the people against it and their motives. He’d rather focus and call into question the true moral calling of those opposing than actual racist morons. He downplays the problem. It’s odd.

    People like him are a big part of the danger. There’s bad people on both sides! Hey, those proud boys aren’t really racists, the leader isn’t even white! He’s a poster child of the quiet acceptance of these extreme groups. The kind of person who’ll say their libertarian but really their republican through and through. The quiet acceptance and endorsement of the creeping far right.
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    I'm not surprised you would find a more factual, reality-based perspective about hate groups as "odd." Clearly pretending anyone who disagrees with you, heretics with disparate views from the Church of Social Justice orthodoxy, is a secret alt-right Nazi skinhead rapist Klansman that makes up half the population of the world is a much more reasonable position. Besides, you feel it in your heart and just know that's how things could be. And it's highly offensive to not acknowledge your truth.

    Also, please clarify how I am ATTACKING people by stating hate groups such as the Klan are in sharp decline, which was absolutely a factual statement backed up by the ultra-left Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti Defamation League. The only groups I mocked are the Klan, which I accurately labeled "stupid" and "dumbfucks," and the social justice loons at Evergreen State College who ran around campus in a mob with baseball bats screaming insults and threatening to bludgeon people as well as practically holding the president of the university hostage at one point. You seem to have a very vivid imagination and like to pretend what you make up in your head can be substituted for anything I said or did.