Why Brits don't get mad (oh... and ME3 news if your livin under a rock)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by knowname, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. the awkward pauses make you sound like your reading it off a paper.


    Anyway on topic, ME3 wants to charge for DLC ON RELEASE what's your take on this??
  2. I think this is the evil EA for current times that you were addressing earlier :)
  3. Yes. But it's a lesser evil than Steam. When ME3 goes up in price you have a choice, between buying it or not... and you can still buy it and play it sans DLC. This is EA being evil and greedy, Steam eliminating certain services (not JUST Crysis 2, it's the very IDEAL that Valve would pull the plug on a high profile game just because they would not comply has to bring thoughts of digital mobsters coming in to extort hard working developers!) is just asshatery in it's finest.

    Anyway this guy rubs me the wrong way just as that gunshop guy does. Always spouting off at the stupidest little thing. I'm sure EA will end up putting this on disc anyway for the GOTY edition this is much ado about nothing. Sure it's evil but even he presents his case... I mean it's laughably obvious he's just complaining about the price.
  4. When Gears of War 3 came out they released the season pass which basically means you pay for "the first four dlc packs" up front at a 33% discount and just download the content when it's out. I like it. If you're planning on buying all the dlc anyway its just a timesaver.

    However im totally against developers (or publishers) creating a full game and intentionally pulling bits out to sell later as dlc or in this case, at launch. I believe dlc should be extra content developed separately from the finished game released several months after the game releases to keep it fresh, not just content that should/could have been part of the finished game pulled out for separate sales. It's very unethical, it very EA.
  5. if this was a season pass type deal it'd be much more than 10 bucks lol. But that route is ok with me as well... it's sort of a waste as some dlc you might not buy anyway lol as it might just be a skin or a hat :x but it's worth the gamble. However as is this is pretty raw. I'd rather them sell me a demo than release a dlc with this. What's the actual repercussions? None really lol it's just TOTALLY against many gamer's ideals that it just SEEMS shady. I don't know what PR department greenlighted this. Just the very THOUGHT of releasing DLC ON RELEASE is just dumb.

    Now on to the real issue, is there any difference between say, this and having a preorder bonus that's later available as a DLC? Still not ok with it, seems to me like having a release day patch, like... it makes no sense man!! But if you think about it, it's just EA either being greedy or trying a new anti-piracy technique.

    If I preordered a regular edition I just wouldn't buy this DLC. I mean if I WAS to preorder I would think about this DLC whether I really want it for the price or not, just like any other DLC. It's not like it breaks the game if you DON'T get the DLC.

    In the future though, I wouldn't expect any other company to take this route. There have been a number of equally profitable alternatives pointed out, that WOULDN'T include pissin off the fans.