Why Do Women Suck So Badly At Comedy?

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  1. got a thread like this in another forum I read and this was posted there

    I learned nothing from that
  2. Seems like she's trying to do the epic mealtime thing, but it came out annoying instead of funny. Because women generally kind of suck at comedy.

  3. a dick and a sexist too! nice :) lol

    I think she's tryin to be Martha Stewart if you caught the end.
  4. I'm not being sexist. I'm just being honest. Most women suck at comedy. They just aren't funny.

    There are exceptions, like Tina Fey, but most of them fall more into the Chelsea Handler or Whitney Cummings category where they're just annoying as shit. And I think even in Tina Fey's case it's more that she's a good comedy writer. She's not very funny herself.
  5. Yeah I'm just playin with ya, I honestly don't think she's explicitly trying to be funny, I just think her girlfriend (apparantly she's gay) thought she was funny so recorded it. I don't find epic meal time funny at all, it's more entertaining, cool and just crazy some of the shit they do. Hers is just kinda' funny. This isn't the funniest episode by far, just the first one.
  6. That woman video was really, really annoying. I think you'll find that this video answers the question of why there aren't more women in comedy.

  7. It's true though. Women just aren't funny. And when they try to be, they usually just end up being annoying.

    I think that's true. Women aren't funny because they don't need to be. Guys compensate for being ugly by having a good sense of humor.

    Women also tend to be moody and emotionally volatile. They get offended by things guys would be able to make fun of.
  8. Jack Dee. :cool:
  9. Besides the bad light this whole topic puts on me as topic creator (though this was not my intent at all) the answer is a woman\'s entire concept is rather different from yours or mine, it\'s more based on repetition and random. Men just find this annoying. But we tollerate them cuz their hot/ and- or week and pathetic :)
  10. When have you ever laughed at a girls joke in real life? A low percentage I assume. They are just not funny.
  11. Hard to believe that anyone actually buys into massive generalities like "women aren't funny".
  12. Hey, i don't think bfun is funny.