Wii sales slowing

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by supersonic, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Is the HD craving consumer finally ignoring Nintendo?

  2. People eventually get tired of gimmicks.
  3. 2011's Dreamcast... pitty. Dreamcast was always an AWESOME thing to look for on Ebay though lol
  4. How is the Wii anything like the Dreamcast? The Dreamcast was stillborn. It never sold. The Wii sold amazingly well for a few years, but the sales have become stagnant.
  5. Without decent games coming sales will drop. There has not been any big named titles out since Mario Galaxy 2, and then I cannot think of anything else other than that for a while. Now they are focusing on the 3DS and New console the Wii will slowly slide into nothingness until it drops to a small price and people pick it up for casual gaming.
  6. I thought it always for casual gaming?
  7. I meant even more casual than normal. That said, all of the best games for the Wii are cheap and you could be hardcore with them. I still need to play games such as tales of Symphonia 2, Mario galaxy 2. Monster hunter Tri and many others, and with those it is more than casual. Especially MHT.
  8. There's nothing more hardcore than Adhoc Monster Huntering on the PSP with the battery light flashing.
  9. Wii sales down Bcuz saturation.Nintendo have many consoles in the market ,i think people are tire.