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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Who's in the Wii U club? Just me I suppose. I ordered a refurbished Super Mario 3D World Deluxe version.
  2. i played one over this last weekend. played super smash bros, mario 3d world, and mario party 10. was fun times
  3. I still play from time to time but my kids play almost daily. Mostly some party games, including Wii Party U, Mario Party 10 (bought couple of days ago) and some Wii games (Wii Sports Resort and Mario&Sonic Olympics).

    We have like 25 Wii games and 7 WiiU games.
  4. Some people claim that the Wii games look better on the Wii U. Is that true? Part of the reason I ordered a Wii U is because I can't stand looking at the Wii games stretched on 1080P anymore.
  5. I am still stuck on the fence, I know the first party games are and will be amazing but I don't want a console just to play a few games again. In the old days I would just buy every console and not care but now I am a responsible adult in my 30s and probably have more important things to spend money on, probably.

    Zelda is going to be the hard one for me, I always buy Zelda. I could buy a Wii U for little Grim but then it would have to go into her room otherwise Mrs Grim would know something is up.
  6. I've got a Wii U; mainly played Mario Kart. Real shame how they fucked up the battle mode on that. Races are good but such a shame they messed that up - was looking forward to local multiplayer on that.
  7. Kind off. It theoretically should look better as it seems the image is upscaled, however the upscaling filter requires some time to get used to it.

    Some games look much better then, like Marios Galaxies, some tend to look weird until you get used, like upscaled Wii Party.

    I was lucky to get the basic sku when they lowered the price just before they discontinued it. I still wonder if I would pay for the 32gb sku the amount of money it costs now.
  8. I think the Wii U has some interesting aspects, and I've always enjoyed the Zelda games, but owning multiple consoles this generation is not likely to be in the cards.
  9. I am almost in my 40s, my 2 kids are almost 10, we gonna have third one in summer and still, I believe spending 300$ on a Nintendo console is not a big deal, especially when you compare salaries here to yours.

    That's maybe unfortunate but yes, it is so that you buy Nintendo consoles for these few gems released one every few months. It still makes a solid library that somehow supports the regular lineup you get everywhere else.

    Just like the ps3/wii combo was great last gen, the ps4/wiiu semms to be fair this gen.
  10. They can be found for about $200 now. Nintendo keeps throwing up refurbished (possibly new) deluxe units on their web site for $200 and I believe Gamestop had the 8GB version with Swap Force for $199. But yeah this is mostly for the kids. I think Nintendo Land is going to be a huge hit.
  11. How old are your kids?
  12. You should definitely pick Wii Sports Resort and Mario Karts then.

    Although playing MK with a stick could still be a problem, playing with wiiremotes that are turned left/right would do. I remember my daughters playing mk with me when they were 3 and 4 respectively.
  13. We already play a lot of Wii Mario Kart and have the steering wheels for it. I figured I'd pick up the Wii U version on sale if that ever happens.
  14. Whats wrong with the battle mode? I love the battle mode on the Wii version.
  15. It's just boring. My daughters still run Mario Kart Wii just to play the Coin Runners mode. Too bad they've removed this from the latest installment.
  16. @bfun: they removed arenas. You just fight on the race tracks. This means you tend to spend 20-30 seconds driving around to find someone. You race past each other and shoot. Then it kind of continues like that. It's a staggeringly bad design choice; it's useless for offline multiplayer. It's made all the worse when you consider how much care and attention they've spent on the rest of the game. I just don't get it. One of the best bits of the series is just an afterthought.
  17. I think Splatoon looks like fun. I might try to get in on one of the demo hours.

  18. Humblebundle.com has a WiiU and 3DS special going on. All these games rate in the 80% range on Metacritic. It's a pretty good deal considering how much these go for in the e-shop.

    Tier 1: Pay what you want (3 games)

    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
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    Woah Dave!
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    Mighty Switch Force!
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    Tier 2: pay Beat the Average ($9.89 as of this post)

    The Fall
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    on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

    Moon Chronicles
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    Plus more games being added next Tuesday

    Tier 3: $10 or more
    Stealth Inc 2
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    SteamWorld Dig
    on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
  19. Any thoughts on Yoshi's Woolly World? Reviews are so mixed.