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  1. This probably deserves it own thread now..

    So Nintendo have shown off the Wii U and most of us seem very unimpressed. Its a small console which probably means it is no powerhouse and the table/pad is likely to cost an arm and a leg. No real game footage has been shown off yet just a crappy pre rendered CGI scene.


    Controller demo (I have to admit some of the features are kind of cool)


    Now here comes the bit where I have to take back some of what I have said today abotu game quality. I have looked at the pre orders online and there are some proper games listed for it such as Tekken, Assassins Creed, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Batman: Arkham City.


    Now here comes the scary part, Zavvi has the console at £399.85!!! If that is correct then its not going to fly off the shelves like the Wii did, I expect the tablet/pad is a big chunk of that cost.


    Wiki lists its specs as..

    25GB capacity disks = single layer blu ray? It says proprietary but I find it too much of a coincidence that they are the same size as single layer blu ray disks. If it is blu ray I still reckon it won't play movies.

    Apparently these are provided by Nintendo but subject to change. 1080p output along with some of the games listed does suggest it is capable of HD gaming. AMD back this up in a release.


    Finally Nintendo's shareholders don't seem too optimistic about this console.

  2. Nintendo have lost the plot with this one I reckon. They're trying to appeal to absolutely everyone with a machine that seems to be a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. If people want an iPad they'll buy and iPad, not this Wii U rubbish.
  3. One tablet controller per console? So what will the other controllers look like?
  4. Wiimotes probably. I saw the people in the video I posted earlier using Wiimotes along with this new beast. Remember when Nintendo was good?
  5. Yes you can use all of the previous Wii controllers with it including the balance board.
  6. I'm calling it now. The console itself is just a Wii with an HDMI port, the games themselves won't be HD, and all this stuff about Power 7 CPUs and high-end AMD GPUs is fanboi gibberish. No way something that small (that looks exactly like a Wii, but with rounded edges) is running modern hardware, and this is Nintendo we're talking about. They seem to be terrified of any hardware made after 2001. And they already got away with recycling decade old hardware once, so why wouldn't they do it again? It's not like the people who buy this thing would know any better.

    Also, that has to be the worst idea for a controller I've ever seen. Wow, they combined a DS and a Wii-mote. So original. I can feel my hands cramping just looking at it. And people play on home consoles and not handhelds so they won't have to look at a tiny screen. This thing is gay and I hope it fails so that Nintendo stops releasing gimmicks.
  7. It's apparently got a custom version of the AMD GPU found in the Radeon 4850. It's a little more advanced than the current set of GPU's in 360 and PS3 and, in the right hands, it could be fairly nice. But it's not a real next gen machine by the standards I would hold a console up to be and that controller is the worst thing I've ever fucking seen..

    The problem here is it's not going to really much more impressive than the PS3 and 360 so I'm not sure who is going to stump up for this. There's also a lot of concerns in development about this machine. They've supposedly got some awesome system in place which means that it's a doddle to port over to this system but in order to really see what it's doing it would need to be the lead platform..aint gonna happen for games whose main customer base is firmly established on other systems.
  8. But AMD have said it is capable of outputting HD content.

    Remember the PS3 and 360 hardware is old now and can be scaled down quite considerably, look at what the NGP is capable of and that small.

    I don't think it will be cutting edge, I think at best it will be on par with the other 2 and then outdated once the big boys join the 'next' gen party. Maybe that is why Nintendo have done it first this time? Last time they came out 2nd and it looked old and dated. With this console being able to produce PS3 graphics it will look relevant at least for a year or 2 until Sony and Microsoft release.
  9. What will be HD though? Just the dashboard and a few apps, or the actual games? All the stuff about this running powerful hardware seems to just be rumors.

    Remember all the stuff back in 2005 about Broadway or whatever it was that Nintendo decided to call the recycled Gamecube hardware, with people talking about how it was going to be a monster? And remember that guy who kept showing up at the old site claiming the Wii 2 would have a 36 Core processor with 2TB of ram and holographic discs that project images directly to the human brain? I'm not convinced this isn't just that all over again.
  10. And that is when they will drop the price to $199.
  11. I'm wondering when this idea of projecting yourself on the screen will wear off. I don't WANT to see myself on the screen!! I play games to get AWAY from reality thankyou very much :D
  12. I think it is quite cool. Playing it on your TV then when you wife, missus or friend wants to use the TV you can switch the game to playing on the controller.

    That Zelda HD short video looks awesome.
  13. (continued cuz I had to get to work earlier...)

    I was looking at a goggles thing that projects a large screen for you and stuff. It builds the needed lenses in so even if you need 3d it works! It's much less expensive than buying a large tv and much more 'greener' (I'd think- uses less power and much less to throw away). BUT it seems the technology is still back in the rear projection days!! sure you can put files on sd card and play them, also ebooks... sure you can plug composite connections in. But I could only find ONE wide-screen one, and this one wasn't even the 3d capable one either (uses Nvidea's method), most are under 640x480. I did find a few with vga connections, and those CAN be adapted to component I think? But max res was 1024x768... WHY the heck is wide screen so hard?? And HDMI? I can understand HDMI but wide screen shouldn't be REAL difficult... in this day and age??

    Anyway I got to thinking... if I'm wearing this I can't SEE the controller can I?? than what's the use?? Especially the one that plugs into the computer... these are NOT meant to be your primary screen to be sure. Maybe a toture device while your aministrator picks his method on the primary screen, like all the cool movies :D. ANYWAY I than got to thinking, do I want to see myself on screen monkeying around or somebody COOL like Snake or Samus? Just an example.

    Anyway I decided those tv goggle things are not for me at this time... though it'd be pretty cool if the usable resolutions were higher... and 16:9 or 16:10. and the length from screen may need to be adjustable too... many say they get sick because they can't tell their head to move around in these things.
  14. The PVCF luddites are out in full force in this thread, which probably means that Nintendo is on to something here. :lol:

    Face it, it seems very likely that the days of consoles being a box-under-the-TV will vanish after the coming generation, and Nintendo is taking another step towards that eventuality with this "bridge" style product. That doesn't mean they're doing everything right, but I think they're the first of the Big 3 to realize where things are headed...you'll have a portable tablet or smartphone that can connect to the TV and communicate with controllers or act as the controller or act as a standalone device minus the TV.
  15. Luddites? Hardly. We're the ones criticizing Nintendo for using hardware that was the better part of a decade out of date in the Wii, and for still not having a proper online strategy. It's Nintendo that's stuck in the past. I think most of us are just tired of Nintendo and their gimmicks. Putting a screen in the controller isn't innovation. It's retarded.
  16. It's an obvious step towards what will happen in the future...no separate box under the TV. And the online strategy for PS3 and 360 aren't really that great. Apple didn't even have an online gaming strategy a year ago and now they have 50 million users. That's 20 million more than Xbox Live.
  17. Monkey is this close to going Emo. You need to try out this console before you start against it. I know your reasons for the Wii, but wait until the new one first before you do what you do.
  18. Actually cmdr is becoming more and more like me. I can see it already. I say there's an 85% chance that's he's not going to give a shit at all in the end and not get any of the next gen consoles.

    I went down this same exact route in 2004. Lost all interest which is why I don't any of the current gen consoles even though I owned the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2. cmdr already gave up on the x360 and mentioned he hasn't played his ps3 in forever and only uses it as a media center.
  19. Which begs the question: if you've already lost most of your interest in the consoles, why would you argue that Nintendo is failing to effectively copy what Sony and Microsoft did?
  20. wait wait, what online strategy from apple do you speak of?? Did I miss 50 million ppl somewhere??