Will VR really be a life changing technology or a fad like 3D?

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  1. Next year will be the year of VR. Will it be a big deal? Will we all be ditching our high resolution screens for a head piece? Or, will it just suck?


  2. I think it will end up being a more elaborate and expensive version of Lazer Tag...

  3. Unless it can be accomplished without an uncomfortable headset, I think it will just be a passing fad similar to 3D.
  4. Well I ordered myself a fancy VR headset for $2.31. It's coming from China so it'll probably take a month to get here.

  5. Its the future I think. Some of the things it can do now is impressive but wait until the technology and understanding get better.
  6. I think it is definitely the future for many types of games. The problem will be what type of games can they make it work with long term as well as what new genres can they invent that work well with VR.

    Right now, for racing, flight/space sim or basically any other seated/cockpit genres it will work amazingly. All other existing genres have some work to do.
  7. I have seen some horror game lets play and it's like your actually there sort of. The only problem at the moment I have heard about is motion sickness and the size of the helmet thing.

    Anyone ever heard or seen Sword Art Online/Gun gale online anime? Hopefully one day it gets like that where your actually in the games reality. Probably a pipe dream like a holo deck but you never know with the human mind.
  8. Got my hi-tech VR goggles and gave them a go. After just 10 minutes of use I want to barf. I mean I feel awful. If VR is the future the future is doomed. DOOMED!
  9. Virtual noses!

  10. AMD has partnered with Sulon to make the head PC. Or is it a headtop? The twist is that it's totally wireless so you can wear this Windows 10 hardware in public.

    "With the Sulon Q, the Windows 10 PC hardware is built into the unit, including an expected four-core AMD FX-8800P processor with a Radeon R7 graphics card. Add in a built-in 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and a 2560×1440 OLED display with a 110° field of view, and it's a bit like wearing a lower-end (but still apparently VR-capable) PC on your head."

    AMD claims that it's powering 83% of the VR market based on it's partner ships with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sulon, and of course Sony Playstation. Seems like a good PR move by AMD.

  11. PlayStation VR price announced: $399/€399/£349 which is good. The October launch date, not so good.
  12. Steam VR with HTC Vive. It starts off kind of Wii-ish but by the end it looks like fun.

  13. What's up with the graphics?
  14. Can't see a lot of that walking around stuff working well in many homes. I think the stuff that'll really work will be cockpit style games - seems more practical and immersive.
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    You mean why does it look like Wii bowling? My guess is the system has to keep a game locked at 90fps at 2160 x 1200 with a minimum requirement of a 970/ 290. To run a modern game like that you'd probably need 980Ti Sli or Radeon Pro Duo and not many customers would have that.
  16. Indie developers. They only see in low poly.
  17. Pretty sure I'd sound just like this girl if the town of Ravenholm from Half Life 2 ever comes to VR.

  18. Elon Musk discusses how the evolution of gaming from pong to VR in just 40 years would suggest that in the next 100 to 10,000 years games will become completely indistinguishable from reality. If we acknowledge that a future like that is possible we'd also have to acknowledge the possibility that we are already in that future and inside of a simulation. Like maybe there is a future me that bought a Nintendo game to simulate living through the 90s. What a mistake that would be.

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  19. Bahaha, yea, so many hilarious things to think about if you were to think that we are living in our own, or someone else's simulation right now. That could possibly make us an artificial superintelligence if you think about it, and ironically they also talk about that in the conference. We would have become self-aware. Or the outcome could be like The Thirteenth Floor.

    I think things like this (pong to vr gaming) should make us step back and reflect on everything that has happened in the last few decades in technology. I mention this to my friends since we're all about the same age as this has a lesser impact on the younger generation. We're literally living in a moment right now. We have lived in the time without the internet to the age of the internet. We lived through a time without a cell phone into the age of smartphones (internet in the palm of your hand). We're wearing our video games now. Although we don't have flying cars yet, we're watching the development of autonomous cars. Fingerprint and facial detection security measures are mainstream and are on our devices today. We saw GPS navigation systems become available to civilians and as time passed, they converged into our cellular phones.

    So much stuff has happened, but still to this day, I complain like crazy when supersonic passes out into a coma by eating too much indian food while doing forum maintenance and causes extended downtime.
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  20. I read an interesting article not too long ago about how technological advancement for the vast majority of society is now primarily simulated, rather than actually achieved in the physical world. You don't actually get a flying car, but you can use one in a VR simulation. Basically, we're being tricked into accepting far less progress in our society than what was expected 50-60 years ago.