Windows 10

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  1. Looks like I called it. The start menu is back. It customizes itself to the device you are using. Should be available late next year.

  2. What happened to windows 9?
  3. They thought this was such a big leap forward they are skipping 9. Stupid naming aside, this looks like what 8 should have been. A touch interface is fine, but crippling traditional PCs to implement it is not the way to go.
  4. I think they're just trying to break the cycle of alternating between shit and good operating systems by skipping one.
  5. Windows 8.1 (NT6.3) was a different OS to Windows 8(NT6.2) so kind of a Windows 9 in it's own right. When up update to 8.1 it doesn't just re-write some files it completely creates a new Windows folder and calls the old one Windows(old).

    This also means that going by the old theory 8.1 is supposed to be the good OS so 10 should be horrid.

    As I have said many times before 8.1 is a fantastic, clean and fast OS. Start menus are old fashioned and only used by the old and senile to find apps that you can find twice as fast any other way.
  6. I don't think I've upgraded to Windows 8.1 yet. I keep seeing a reminder but when I click on go to store I can't find the update so I always just said fuck it, 8 works fine for me.
  7. You need to do a Windows update first, once you have done it will appear as the first tile on the store.
  8. I would imagine I've done any Windows updates needed. If they pop up I usually go for them. Updates that is.
  9. yep the telling part is that windows 8.1 update is the size of windows 8 itself.

    also arma, you shouldn't even need to find win8.1 in the windows store. its literally on the homepage of the store if the update is available to you.
  10. If he's going to go through all that trouble he should just format and install Windows 7. Pretty soon 8 and all of that Metro BS is just going to be a bad memory anyway, so I wouldn't get too attached to any of it.
  11. It is anyway, Metro isn't really a full blown UI anymore, it is more of a start menu. Any modern app run from it come up with options to close and minimise just like they do in older versions of Windows and all of the Apps will still exist in Windows 10 they are just changing how you get to them.

    8.1 fixed all the issues in 8.
  12. I rebuilt my machine few weeks back. I did all the updates but it still took about 5 days before the 8.1 update showed up in the store. I don' know what the hangup was.
  13. Your operating was depressed because everyone is still using 7 and 10 is right around the corner. It didn't see the point in updating. It's probably suicidal. You're going to go to turn your computer on one day and it's going to say "operating system not found."
  14. I just paid $10 for the media center add-on. I wonder if that could be applied to Windows 10. I assume they wont be including it again.
  15. Media center is rolled into Windows 7. Why would you pay $10? Do you have Stockholm Syndrome?
  16. They dropped it in 8. MS had to pay for all the licensing and they said 95% of customers didn't use it. Now it's a $10 upgrade.
  17. So they make you pay for a feature that used to be standard. Why do you guys like this OS again so much? Newer isn't always better.
  18. Yes but unless they bring it back it will be the same for 10. And I believe when 8 came out the price was lower than the 7 release price so in that regards some of the savings may have been passed on. 8.1 now cost as much as 7 did.
  19. media center for Windows 8 was free for awhile. if you came late to the game, you had to pay

    and yes, preorder pricing was significantly lower. I pre-ordered windows 7 pro for $99. windows 8 pro was $39.

    rumor has it that windows 10 will be free for Windows 8 owners.
  20. I guess people need to get something for their money after enduring all of that suffering.