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Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. I stupidly paid for a Windows 7 license, and MS gave me one shot to download the OS.

    I downloaded something called the Debug Build. I thought that meant all the bugs were fixed, but apparently it actually means it will run slow as shit.

    So, I burned my free download that came with the license and now need a official copy of Windows 7 from somewhere.

  2. Don't you know anyone with a Win 7 disk? Your key should work with any Windows 7 media.

    I can't believe they only give you one chance to download it, i mean what if your internet connection fails? We have a login here at work where we can download whichever software we have purchased any time. Check the email you inevitably received.

    Also don't bother putting the iso on a DVD, create a bootable USB key instead, it will install a lot faster.
  3. What I meant was they give you one time to pick the Windows 7 you want to download. I can now download the Debug Build again, but not the regular Windows 7.

    I think the only Windows 7 I have access to is Enterprise. Will that work with my Ultimate key?
  4. I am not sure. I was always able to use my Vista ultimate disk with keys for home and basic but I am not sure if the business versions work the same. You can try it and see, if it is a proper Windows 7 disk and not a Dell Win 7 Enterprise for example it may well work.

    I know that the bundled win 7 business disks we get at work do not work with win 7 home keys but I think that is because they install business before they ask for the key (because if it has a dell motherboard it never actually asks for one) whereas a normal disk will ask for the key first to work out what version to install.
  5. Haven't you try to call their support and explain the situation?

    It should be pretty obvious for them that as a regular customer you didn't mean to download the Debug Build. You could even resent having this one as one of available downloads - this should never happen unless you are somehow involved in the development process.
  6. I sent you a PM with some stuff that will let you log in to MS technet and get the edition you need.
  7. Ha, I sent an email outlining my mistake and the Indian support centers response was useless.

    @cmdrmonkey, thanks for the link. I am downloading the correct one now.
  8. Those bastards tried installing service pack 1 and charging me for it when I was calling about something completely unrelated to that. I won't deal with them again.
  9. Hey, I am using your technet thing again to try to get Windows 7 again. The last one I downloaded gets stuck at "expanding files", never gets passed 0%.
  10. Try using internet explorer.