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  1. Microsoft has done away with the start menu entirely in the consumer preview. This is looking like a non-starter. Every few years Microsoft pulls this shit where they have their heads up their asses and they stop listening to what customers want. They did it with ME and Vista, and 8 is looking the same. Windows Phone has been a huge flop, so clearly people don't want the Metro UI.
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    Truthfully, I rarely ever use the start button. I only use it if I need to go to control panel or shutdown/restart my computer. I just use shortcut keys when I use win8 dev preview for that. Otherwise, my commonly used apps have shortcuts on the desktop or are pinned on my taskbar.
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    What bothers me is that they're taking a one size fits all approach. Metro might be decent on a tablet or phone, but that shit has no place on a regular computer where you have a mouse. I hated it in the developer preview and found it cumbersome and slow to use.
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    I think they are expecting more people to have touch screen monitors/PCs. The amount of all in one systems with touch screens is growing all the time.
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    Touching a screen is the 8th sin.
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    Touchscreens suck ass compared to a mouse.
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    I like windows 7. I would need alot of motivation to go to a desktop tablet.
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    This seems like a terrible idea. I have no interest in this. I'll wait until Windows 9 and hope that it isn't as dumb as Win8.
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    Microsoft OSs are kind of like Star Trek movies, except it's the even numbered ones that are bad.
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    Normal people using Windows 8. All I'm seeing is confusion, anger, and frustration. This OS is going to be a trainwreck of epic proportions. Even worse than Vista I think.

    People had a meltdown because Vista was flashy and required modern hardware. Imagine how bad the backlash will be when people can't find their programs.

    Microsoft are a bunch of assholes if they think this shit is going to fly.

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    that's what I was like, what the hell can I do with this shit?? Until I surrendered and realized I don't do much with my pc other than open the internet. SO... I really think Win8 WILL succeed in making ppl NOT use their computers.

    I also didn't want to install any third party (Win7) programs so I only left it on for like 3 days. Even with the added comfort of third party programs (since I refuse to use IE...) I'm betting it'll get ppl to stop uding their computers as true multifunctional devices since it's SO hard to navigate anywhere except where your really supposed to go. IE it's probly a sign to tell the hackers to quit trying. BUT in all truth there is no good without bad and in reality big business NEEDS hackers and the small guys to keep enginuity and competition flowing.
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    Two old people confused by a new OS. No surprises here. My parents call me if any of their icons get moved.
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    It's not just old people. The vast majority of people I know have no idea how to use a file system. If it's not on the desktop or in the start menu, it doesn't exist. Remove the start menu and you're going to create frustration and backlash on a massive scale. Also, everyone I know HATES the ribbon bullshit in Office, and now they've made it a central part of the OS.

    I tried Windows 8 and found it unintuitive and cumbersome. I was still able to find things, but I'm a power user. Most people aren't power users. Most people are going to find Windows 8 impossible to use.

    MS was going in the right direction with the libraries pinned to the taskbar, big (default) icons on the desktop, and the streamlined start menu in 7, and now they've shat all over that. Win 7 is very well tweaked for how most people use their computers. 8 is a big pile of shit.

    If I wanted a computer that was flashy and useless for anything other than web browsing I'd get a Mac.
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    Microsoft is trying to stay alive. Android is predicted to become the most used OS by 2016.
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    IMO, the main issue is that you have to rely on keyboard shortcuts to do some things.. which your average clueless user has no idea exists. For example, I always use windows key + I to shut down. I have no idea how to get to that menu otherwise.

    With the metro interface, everything is in your face. Even control panel is noob friendly now.

    Once the noob gets used to the metro ui, it may actually be EASIER for them to use. I think the original windows interface was the problem for them.
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    Most people are used to XP and like XP. If you deviate too much from that model, you're going to frustrate and confuse people. 7 has done well because the UI is like a heavily tweaked XP.
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    Most people didn't actually know how to use XP all that well though. They simply knew just enough to get it to work.. when it stopped working, they were lost. It's definitely time to move on from XP, but have they done it the right way? Probably not, hopefully they will get there before it's too late. I for one don't want to keep using an OS with the core functionality based on an 11 year old OS that was based on a 6 year old OS... etc for the next 20 years+. Trying something completely new is the right move in the end.
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    The start menu is confusing for the computer illiterate. In Windows 8 the start screen replaces that old complicated start menu.

    Charm Bar --> Settings

    It's easier, especially for the average clueless user, to just push the power button to shut down.
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    Now Microsoft is eliminating the Aero interface in Windows 8 and going back to a bland 2D interface that will run better on tablets. I love Aero and think it looks fantastic. It's one of the main improvements over XP, which looks so fucking dated by comparison it's ridiculous. I can't believe they're doing this. Windows 8 is shaping up to be one of the worst operating systems ever. It's like they're doing everything possible to sabotage everything that people like about Windows.

    Windows 8 will be a massive downgrade from 7 for desktop and laptop users. And I'm going to laugh when Windows tablets flop hard just like Windows Phone.

    No Aero. No start menu. Doesn't play DVDs or Blu-rays. Why the fuck would anyone "upgrade" to Windows 8? The only real question now is will Windows 8 dethrone Me as the worst operating system of all time? It's looking like a strong contender.
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    Those are cosmetic changes that doesn't effect the core OS at all though. As a matter of fact, Aero might even be more of a resource hog.

    No start menu.. everything will be in your metro interface (start key even takes you to metro interface) or shortcut will be on your desktop.

    Doesn't play DVD's or Blu-rays.. a majority of people don't use this anyways and royalty fees are being paid by MS for this. Windows 7 was the only OS that supported DVD's out of the box. Plus you can just download a free player like VLC or MPC.

    Windows 8 actually is an upgrade from 7. It even integrates with specific MS services (such as skydrive) which will be huge for some people and this is where MS will be building from going forward. It also boots up super fast.

    Windows tablets will flop, that's not even a question. If android can only gain mediocre marketshare even in the sub $200 level pricepoint, that just goes to show you what kind of challenge MS will face. The only people that have been raving that Win8 will own the tablet world are some MS fanatics. ARM win8 tablets will be the lower priced ones, but do not support x86 apps.. kind of defeats the main draw. x86 win8 tablets will be expensive.