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  1. No, it isn't. Aero is still in the release preview for one. Well a cut down version of it at least. The final release will have a simplified design for desktop to better match metro.

    Also IIRC, the release preview expires on the day Win 8 retail hits...
  2. This is a really good article summarizing everything that's wrong with Windows 8:

  3. Like with the Win7 preorders during Win7 launch, MS will be doing big discounts again. But this time, hardcore discounts. My win 7 preorder was $99 back then. MS will be cutting win8 pro down to $39.99 now.

  4. Pretty good deal I guess. I'll probably pick up a license even if I don't use it.
  5. It's like an OSX upgrade... both in style and price now. I think MS is just taking a page from AlterEgo's (Apple's) book on this one. I know pretty well agree with it at 40 bucks... but still don't like it.
  6. Would that upgrade apply to OEM versions of XP/Vista/7? I like that it gives you a license for any of those OS's, that way if you don't like it you can roll back... or if you still have XP, it's $40 for 7. I'm not sure if they should let anyone install Vista though... ???
  7. Gabe Newell caused quite a bit of controversy in his recent remarks about Windows 8. Quite a bit of mixed reactions.

  8. I absolutely agree with him. Gabe Newell is a very smart man.

    I never thought I'd say this, but if Microsoft doesn't reverse its course with Windows 9, I may very well end up on Linux or a Mac. Windows 8 is a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

    They need to fire Ballmer and hire a CEO who has some clue what he's doing and an actual vision for the future. Ballmer is no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.
  9. His ideas on what constitutes a "closed" ecosystem seem kind of muddled, just like everyone else's.
  10. An exec at Blizzard also agrees with Gabe Newell's comment


    He is also receiving a bunch of flak much like Gabe did from the public, mixed reactions, etc.
  11. Now it becomes a little clearer why Gabe isn't liking Windows 8

  12. I am sure I saw an advert for Win 9 yesterday. They used the same music and stuff as the Win 8 advert.
  13. you were probably watching stoner's broadcasting station
  14. [​IMG]

    Gabe is worried, so Windows 8 will probably be a massive success.
  15. I am in the process of doing the £15 upgrade on a box here, will see how I get on as I want to test it in a work environment.

    EDIT: Would be if the Dell support site would let me in. Want to get all the firmware updated before I start but it just will not work, probably being spammed by loads of people trying to do the same thing.
  16. It was probably a Windows 8 advert then... Your eyes must be going in your old age mate.
  17. I installed it Saturday morning and it's been smooth. The only problem is that intel ssd toolbox isn't working. On consumer preview, it wouldn't even install. It's installed now and I can see the numbers rundown on my system, but none of the functions work. Hopefully, Intel will update it soon.

    Since I have only been using it on my laptop for the past year, I didn't get to experience the multi-monitor support. It's pretty awesome now.
  18. Still like it?
  19. Indeed, no issues so far. One thing caught me off guard. I knew it used your live account to sync settings and whatnot, but I had no idea it also synced your themes. So yesterday, I turned on my laptop and logged into Win8 and all of the sudden, it looked exactly like my PC. Even my desktop wallpapers.

    That got me thinking.. what if I had some scantily clads as my wallpaper and took my laptop into the public.
  20. I picked up a copy for $15. It's just sitting there on my desktop waiting to be loaded. I'm still torn. I didn't like the trial version but I also didn't give it a fair shake. The tile intyerface seems pretty pointless if you don't have a touch screen.