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  1. Bad news across the board for 8. Looks like PC OEMs are cutting sales projections. And reviews for 8 have been horrid. Many are calling it a "strategic mistake" on Microsoft's part. The kind of mistake that makes you rethink your company basically.

    You know it can't be good when MS won't release any sales numbers, we have rumors leaking out that it didn't come close to meeting internal sales projections, and they even fired the head of the Windows division.

    Hopefully Ballmer gets canned and MS gets a real CEO. At this point they have no idea what consumers want and no vision for the future. They're just throwing crap against the wall and seeing if it sticks.

    I need to buy a new laptop soon to replace my aging Dell Latitude, and I'm probably going to buy a Macbook Air. That's how turned off I am by Win 8. I'm going to buy a fucking Mac.
  2. First the iphone, now a mac?

    We always knew you were a closet Apple man.
  3. And yet Khaid and bfun seem to be getting on well with 8. I think Monkey is one of those people who can hate something without actually trying it.
  4. I've given it a fair shot. I even tried the RTM on a Dell XT2 tablet, which is exactly the type of PC it was designed for. It still absolutely blew chunks. I like my OSs clean and intuitive. 8 is the complete antithesis of that. If MS really wants to go down the path of crapware and a clunky, non-intuitive UI, that's a path I can't follow.
  5. He was an Apple man all along. He's got all the Ipods, from the original four button model up to the new lanyard touch. Vista wasn't quite bad enough to allow him to reveal his Apple love but Windows 8 has just tipped the balance.
  6. It's a turn off.. but truthfully, a ton of people won't even notice. It happens in the tile. Plus, if you're using win8 on your laptop/desktop, you're rarely ever in the metro ui. I'm not being apologetic towards MS either.. this is just how general usage of win8 is for a majority of users.

    This would be more of an issue for Windows RT as your usage in that is backwards from Windows 8. You're on metro ui all of the time (as desktop mode on that is somewhat useless).
  7. So it actually looks like Windows 8 isn't doing bad at all. It just seems the projections were rather high considering MS's big advertising campaign for it.

    The same report also showed that MS sold 750K X360's during black friday. That's crazy for a 7yr old console.
  8. Today is the last night you can get the Win 8 Pro upgrade for $15 or $40. It jumps to $200 tomorrow. If you're on the fence you might want to jump on it. And for the record I'm now satisfied with it enough that I wouldn't go back to 7. It takes a while but it can grow on you.

    $15 -

    $ 40 -