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  1. no one here is currently playing except probably me so this is irrelevant to the entire forum, but i got completed the legendary quest and got my cloak before the expansion next month. over a months work.

    og10 resubbed on the EU realms but I'm not even sure if he made it to this forum yet.
  2. I remember a decade ago swearing to myself that I would never play this game because it would consume my life.
  3. the game is about as casual as destiny right now.
  4. What epic quest gave you that orange mageweave shirt?
  5. Is it possible to just pick up and play WoW or Destiny anymore, or will I get annihilated?
  6. It's easy to start PVE WoW. I quit to play other games but I'm coming back eventually to finish Pandaria.
  7. yea, they made it super casual where you can take long breaks and when you come back, there will be some of catch up mechanic for you to gear up and do current content.

    I got the cloak in about a month, but it was originally about a year long quest line that progressed with the content updates. by the time I started it, there was a catch up mechanic in place (increased drop rate of quest items and buffed reputation gains needed for quest).

    they also give you a free boost to level 90 (current max) if you reserve the warlords of draenor expansion pack.
  8. Never had a legendary item myself when I used to play the game. Never saw one except someone having that Glaive thing from the Burning crusade.

    Game is too casual for me now so would not get back into it if I could. Kill's the idea of grinding things for me.

    Nice gear though. What tier set is the game up to now?
  9. You'd be ok in destiny for PvE but not PvP; that's not balanced well so you'd need to be higher level. I'm not sure I'd recommend it, as it's a very grindy experience. I'd borrow or rent it and see how you get on. It's good fun for the first 8 hours. Then you do the same shit over and over. I gather the top end stuff gets interesting again but I really can't be fucked to play hours and hours to get there.
  10. The game is too casual if you make it too casual. There are still multiple difficulty levels of raids for guilds and solo'ers.

    During MOP there were 4 levels of difficulties. I'll use Siege of Orgrimmar item level numbers to give you an idea.

    LFR (Raid Finder) = meant for casuals and queues you for 25 man raid. You get the lowest item level for drops for that raid. Uses personal loot system (loot drops just for you so you don't have to roll against other people) LFR item level = 528

    Flexible = This one allows groups to raid that have in between 10 to 25 people. You don't have to have exactly 10 or 25 people like the other modes to start. Mobs/bosses scale with the amount of people. Difficulty is in between normal and LFR. Uses personal loot system. Flex item level = 540 Chance at a Garrosh heirloom if you take down Garrosh.

    Normal = Meant for organized guilds. 10 man or 25 man raids. Uses old loot system. Normal item level = 553. Chance for warforged versions of the non-tier gear (+6 item levels). Chance at a Garrosh heirloom if you take down Garrosh.

    Heroic = Hardest difficulty. 10 man or 25 man raids. Uses old loot system. Heroic item level = 566. Chance for warforged versions of the non-tier gear (+6 item levels). Chance at a Garrosh heirloom if you take down Garrosh.

    We are currently at tier 16. There are plenty of guilds out there that have wiped well over 500 times on heroic mode until they finally defeated the raid tier.

    Warlords of Draenor is going to redo the raid system in favor of the flex style system. It'll be more dynamic and accessible for guilds now.

    LFR = 10 to 25 players
    Normal = 10 to 25 players
    Heroic = 10 to 25 players
    Mythic = 20 players

    So again, the whole casual aspect of the game is only what you make of it. Still plenty of hardcore aspects of the game that many players will never see. There's more content in the game now than ever before. It's so out of control that people were complaining about blizzard putting a time limit on the content/achievements before it goes it away.
  11. Mythic and now on Tier 16...things have progressed since I last played. Bet if I played now everything would feel totally weird. Was on tier 9/10 when I last played. Was far too easy to get tier gear back then too.

    Don't try and sell any more of it to me know what im like. :D
  12. I'm just here to correct any incorrect assumptions. :) There's so many of them nowadays since the malcontents wear their nostalgia goggles on all day and spew out bad information. WoW would be down to even less subscribers than they have now if blizzard kept to their old ways.

    But yea, everything would be weird to you. When I quit at the end of WOTLK and came back during mop, I literally had no idea what I was doing. The game had completely changed. Hunters were able to move on all ranged shots and casters had tons of instacasts as well as some spells where they could move while casting. Add that to an entirely new talent system.

    And then blizzard changed everything again for WOD. They just did a number crunch so all of the numbers (health, damage, etc) have dramatically decreased. They also did ability pruning so the classes have alot less abilities now as most things got merged or totally removed. Stuff like a hamstring for a warrior got removed but got merged into Mortal Strike. Alot of cc's, silences, and disarms got removed as well.
  13. My co-worker has been repeatedly trying to induct me into the new expansion. My personality can't handle games like this, so I've been resisting. I will lose my job, house, and food.
  14. So what was the opinion on Warlords of Draenor? I'm planing to go back and finish Mist of Pandaria pretty soon and was wondering if it was worth going further. Just checked my account. Can't believe I haven't played since 2013.
  15. After being away for a few years I've completely forgotten how to play this game. I had to rush out and kill some bunnies to build up my confidence and remember all my spells. Stormwind is a complete ghost town. Not a soul at the auction house last night. I guess IronForge is the new hot spot. But really it was dead everywhere which was kind of sad. I think I saw about 4 people in Pandaria. I took a look at the server status and there are about 80 PVE servers with mine being one of five that have low population. Maybe it's time to switch to another server. It's nice not having to compete for resources but the game is kind of lame when I'm the only person playing.
  16. It's not that you completely forgot how to play the game, but rather they changed the game so much that you have to relearn how to play. Honestly it wouldn't be so bad for you to restart on a new highly populated server. Only thing that would keep you on your old server is if you had a ton of gold or something.

    The thing for me about wod was that it became so stale so quickly. This is the stuff that was the downfall for me and only applies at endgame.

    LFR difficulty: At the beginning, my friends and I were running a guild so we would do normal difficulty guild runs on the raids in wod and it was fun. After a while, some people left (for reasons mentioned in this list) and you'd have to run LFR if you wanted to random queue the raids. the first wing in highmaul was so dumb. You had to try to die. Healers would fall asleep in there. No idea why blizzard really dumbed down the difficulties in lfr on these things. I stayed subscribed up until blackrock foundry and quit because everything got so trivial it wasn't even fun anymore.

    Garrisons: The idea of this was cool initially but it also made everything else trivial. One of the reasons you don't see anyone in the capital cities anymore is because everyone is in their garrison. It's essentially like a farmville. You log in everyday or few hours to maintain and collect your resources or send your followers on missions. Everyone is in their own instanced garrison so no one sees anyone out in the world anymore. You really didn't even have to try to do anything anymore. You get all of your crafting material in there. So even if you didn't have mining, you could still run around in your garrison and get ore from the mines. I made so much gold just from the garrisons that I bought a chicken mount from the discontinued warcraft card game for 275,000 gold and quit the game right after that.

    Professions: I'm not sure what blizzards intentions were, but they effectively made professions a side idea. There used to be profession perks you'd get as a crafter but they removed it. And garrisons cover every profession essentially.

    Dailies: For some reason, people still complained about dailies in mop, but I thought blizzard did them perfectly right. You were able to gain reputation while having a purpose. There was also story progression as you repped up during the dailies. Now in wod, all you have is a mindless reputation grind.

    I can't comment on pvp since I ended up going pve only during wod. I only pvp'd to get enough conquest points for some off pieces of gear. I can say that I hated ashran though.

    I can say that I liked their revamped player model update and ability pruning though. The story-telling throughout wod was done extremely well too.

    I'll probably resub for Legion near launch to check it out.. hopefully they change up some things that I mentioned above.
  17. Not sure what I think about WOD yet. It's either brilliant or stupid. Maybe both. Having your own base of operation is always cool but making it so you want to check in several times a day just to check missions is kinda borderline annoying. I'm leveling my followers up but I don't even know why I'm doing it. The crafting also seems odd. I started enchanting a little and then though whats the point. The story missions are pretty good.
  18. Well my interest only lasted about 3 weeks. At first it was fun but as time went on I got tired of doing the regular quest. I probably only saw 4 other people the whole time I played WoD. Eventually I only logged in to maintain the Garrison but then I realized there was no point to grinding that if I wasn't playing. I canceled my subscription again.
  19. Try FF14 it's a far better MMO and it's always full of people.
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    It's not that wow doesn't have people playing. It's because the entire game has phasing and instanced areas now on top of the garrison that you don't see people anymore. Once you hit max level (and the majority of the player-base is max level) there is literally no reason to leave your garrison. You can even have your own auctioneer and bank in your garrison.

    So what people do is just idle/afk in their garrison while they queue up for raids, dungeons, and/or battlegrounds/arena.