Worst Movies of All Time

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  1. These are my top picks:

    Troll 2
    Future War
    Manos the Hands of Fate
    Highlander 2: The Quickening
    Silent Night Deadly Night 2
    Battlefield Earth
    Batman and Robin
    Space Mutiny
    The Room
    Transformers 2
    The Wicker Man (remake with Nick Cage)

    Also check out the IMDB bottom 100

    This thread is for awful movies that are complete failures on just about every level other than unintentional comedy, not decent movies you simply didn't like.
  2. The new G.I.Joe was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It wasn't even laughably bad, it was just plain horrible.
  3. It had such potential. It would have been a lot better if they had gone with a sarcasm/humor route.
  4. I would have said Press Start but it was actually quite hilarious, even though it looked like it was shot and funded by an poor amateur. Plus a gaming spoof is always good.
  5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls
    The Wizard except for this scene:
  6. I watched this recent horror movie named Bear. I believe it is a straight to video release. It shouldn't have even been that. As you probably imagined.. it's of a Bear. A bear that knows how to freak people out by scaring them and torturing them. WTF.

    My mom got it from her friend (burned copy). The more I think about it, the more mad I get. Why the hell would you burn something like that and spread it around. It's like seeding a torrent that is infected with a virus.
  7. I hate Indy 4 more than any movie on my list because it absolutely raped the memory of one of my favorite movie franchises. Between Shit LeDouche, all of the stuff with the space aliens, and Indy escaping a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator, it was definitely one of the worst movies of the last decade.
  8. There was not enough exploration Discovery in Indy 4 for me. This is the only film I hate Lebouf in. He was a proper gimp in it. I agree with the Aliens and refrigerator. You think there will be a fifth in the series? Harrison Jones is cracking on a bit in the passage of time.
  9. Satan's School for Girls

    Despite the gloriously schlocky title and the fact that Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd make appearances in it prior to their Charlie's Angels run, this fails to deliver even the mildest level of 1970s style unintentional comedy. Stupefyingly bad in every way.
  10. Hell Comes to Frogtown was on earlier. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a future sci-fi mess of a film. I wouldn't recommend it. Not even nudity can save it.
  11. Elektra - 10% on Rottentomatoes/ 4.8 on IMDB

    First of all, it's an unsuccessful spinoff of an unsuccessful Ben Douchefleck superhero movie where he's a blind lawyer who fights crime and says things like "justice is blind!" Except the star of Gigli doesn't even make an appearance.

    Jennifer Garner battles shadow ninjas that turn into flying robot snakes that shoot lasers...or something. I swear she spends half the movie just standing around looking serious and spouting off bad dialogue. Watching it made my brain hurt.
  12. Jason and the Argonauts

    I watched this due to the fact that I had recently purchased a rather awesome book about Ray Harryhausen. The Harryhausen sequences are fun, but the rest of the movie is truly dreadful, even by the standard of B grade sword/sandal flicks. The acting/screenplay actually make the later Sinbad films (like Golden Voyage of Sinbad) seem like Academy Award quality in comparison...which I really hadn't thought was possible. Had to watch it in two parts to limit the loss of brain cells.
  13. Anything with Jennifer Garner in it deserves at least a C maybe even a C+!
  14. The Justin Bieber movie currently holds an impressive 1.1/10 on imdb. Unfortunately, because it's a documentary, it won't be included in the bottom 100.
  15. What is so special about that kid anyway? All his music is lovey dovey bollocks and he sings like a girl.
  16. Justin Bieber is a fag.
  17. Obviously, but why do all the lovers love him? Maybe it is only kids who have shite tastes.
  18. I have no idea. In a few years when he's doing gay porn to pay for his heroin addiction, he'll be singing "baby, baby ohhhhhh" as he takes black cock up the brown eye.
  19. Justin Bieber actually has skills. He's a pretty good musician, but he does pop music so he gathers tons of hate since it's cool to hate pop music for some reason.