Worst Movies of All Time

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  1. There was even a cartoon based on it called The Toxic Crusaders.


    You obviously didn't watch enough TV.
  2. I watched a lot of action movies as a kid. As far as TV shows, I remember watching Knightrider, Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica, and the A-Team and that was about it. I was never into cartoons all that much, and didn't watch a lot of TV in general.
  3. Toxic Crusaders, The Tick, Weird Al and Tiny Toons had one thing in common, unpredictability... though I'd put them in that order worst to best. Toxic was easily the most predictable off kilter show out there.

    I wish I was in your shoes, able to watch all the TTA's again for the first time. I get a kick from them even now :D
  4. Human Centipede 2

    Some fat retard watches the first movie too many times and decides to make his own centipede, except with 12 people instead of 3.

    I'm confused as to why it was shot in black and white. Did they think they were making the Schindler's List of scat snuff films? It even has a part like Schindler's List where it temporarily switches to color to show the brown of someone projectile shitting against a wall. I guess a movie about people being sewn together and forced to shit in each others' mouths until they die is really profound stuff that needs a color motif.
  5. Is it a censorship thing?
  6. I guess. Didn't your country have a conniption over the content of the movie?

    Nothing about this movie made a damn bit of sense. The villain is literally a fat asthmatic retarded midget, probably the least intimidating villain ever, yet he's somehow able to restrain 12 people and perform complicated surgery, albeit very badly. At least the first movie had a surgeon as the villain, so even though the movie was set in bizarro world, you could sort of suspend disbelief.

    It was trying very hard to be edgy and extreme with all the violence and depraved sex stuff, but it was just dumb. Really really dumb. Like what the hell was with the woman crushing her baby's skull with the gas pedal? She could have easily moved the baby when starting the car to get away from the evil dude. It was obviously just there for shock value, because it made absolutely no sense. On top of that, half of the thing was basically a clip show of the first movie with the fat evil dude watching scenes of it on his computer.

    The first movie was a piece of crap, but at least you could say it had a unique concept and some dark humor. This was just sort of a badly done and even more disgusting retread focused entirely on shock value.
  7. They made 32 cuts, totalling 2 minutes 37 seconds. I believe they cut out the sandpaper wank scene.

    I blame the Saw movies. Even Hollyoaks, a teen soap opera, has a current storyline about some weird psychopath who's being questioned in custody because he's kidnapped a pregnant wife of someone's and chained her up in some dank dungeon.
  8. Whatever version I watched still had the sandpaper beat off scene. A retard jerking off with sandpaper. Yeah I never needed to see that.
  9. Did he like it rough, or Wetndry?
  10. Rough. Because when you're jerking off to people shitting in each others' mouths, your bare hand just isn't going to cut it.
  11. Just caught a bit of one of those unfortunate summer animated films, Donkey Xote. I'm not even sure if this film was in English. The Donkey sure sounded english, but the rest just sorta' slurred in and out of focus. worst sound direction, terrible voice acting to no doubt. The animation was surely no pixar quality, like 70's- early 80's stop animation type, but at least the backgrounds were fluid... it's tough to explain... but just the 20 minutes I had it on as I (tried to) eat lunch gave me a stinging pain in my head.

    I had no idea what was going on, but it was a 'cute' little play on the Don Quixote name! The rest was so bad it's probably a candidate for worse movie EVER. Especially from a technical standpoint.
  12. Grandma's Boy

    You know a movie is a retarded piece of shit when even Adam Sandler won't even be in it and uses his B-Team asshats to get it done. You know, the same actor who was in such timeless classics as Little Nicky and Jack and Jill.

    This movie was painfully unfunny. The "humor" centered around a guy dressed like he's from the Matrix doing robot voices and the robot dance. And this movie was from 2006, not 1999 when that kind of thing would have been relevant.
  13. That movie made me bust my ass when that girl busted out with Push It.
  14. Teeth

    Some chick has teeth in her vagina that keep biting off mens' penises when they try to rape her. Yes, this is a real movie.
  15. This is a good movie.
  16. Man I don't even know. Pretty much anything that comes out of Hollywood is trash and a sorry excuse for art in my opinion. I have trouble thinking of movies I like!
  17. 7even? (the animated movie with Elijah Wood... er 9... bastard
  18. yeah. that. has nothing to do with this thread. just thought it'd be his kind of artsy fartsy movie
  19. As in 9 with the 9 little puppet things? That film was quality.