Worst Movies of All Time

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  1. I actually watched Chill Factor in the theater with my friend when it came out. Needless to say, it was quite empty.
  2. After seeing that, I now understand why Cuba Gooding Jr went on to do pretty much nothing after Jerry Maquire and As Good as It Gets. Chill Factor is the kind of movie that ends careers.
  3. Act of Valor has an 8% on Rottentomatoes. I knew it looked like a dreadful piece of military propaganda, but holy shit.
  4. John Carter may end up being the costliest flop in movie history. It cost $250 million to make, but only made $500k at opening.

    Maybe the money all went towards hookers and blow, because the previews I saw looked only slightly better than a SyFy channel original movie.
  5. Adding the distribution and marketing estimates of $100-150 million, and you have a no name actor leading a $400 million picture about a virtually unrecognizable character.

    I'm convinced this movie is some sort of tax dodge scheme.
  6. Disney must've used Microsoft's marketing team because I literally did not see any advertisements for this movie.
  7. Really? It's pretty hard to miss an ad for this shitty movie. The weird thing is the ads make it seem like everyone should know who the fuck this John Carter person is, like it is some kind of well-known character from everyone's childhood.
  8. From what I understand, it was one of the earliest comic books from literally about 100 years ago. It was popular around the time of World War I. Why they thought anyone alive today would know or care about it, I'm not sure. The comic itself looks incredibly generic and lame, but it at least has the excuse of being 100 years old. The movie looks like shit and it has no excuse.


    So yeah, you have a no name actor playing a character almost no one alive today outside of a nursing home has ever heard of from a comic book that was pretty lame to begin with. Sounds like a formula for success. Like you said, this movie will probably be a huge tax write off for Disney. Maybe it was meant to be one all along. Wouldn't be the first time movie studios have done something like that.

  9. An impressive 2.9 on IMDB. I think I know what I'm watching next.
  10. I may have discovered an overlooked gem from the 80s, Nightmare Weekend.

    Looks like a masterpiece.

    I found it on youtube:

  11. Hackers

    This movie is basically what you would get if your mom who's terrified of computers wrote an after school special about the dangers of computer hacking. Pretty much everything it shows about computers, hackers, and the hacker subculture is misinformed or just outright wrong. It's completely awful and absolutely hilarious.

  12. The best bit is Dave Lee Stewart's pointless cameo, which you could blink and miss. I've got a bit of a soft spot for the clueless representations of hacker characters in films. The Core had a brilliant one in it.
  13. Anybody remember a hacker movie where terrorists take a school hostage, and a hacker/movie pirate wise ass kid saves the day? I remember nothing about it except the last sentence.
  14. Probably Masterminds...

  15. That was it! I kept thinking the bald guy from Back to the Future was in it, but it was the Star Trek guy.

    I think I enjoyed it as a teenager but would probably score highly on the worst list by now.
  16. there were a few lol-worthy lines in hackers but I was probly just introduced to it to watch Angelina Jolie's ass.
  17. What was it? WHAT WAS IT I HAVE TO KNOW!
  18. Alterego found it.


  19. I can't believe they actually referred to the main hacking kid as "the resident bad boy" in the trailer. I did like SirPatStew's comment about the police "I see the comedians are right on time". lol.